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8-Year-Old Australian Shepherd Won't Stop Licking Paw Wound

by Birdie

In her younger days

In her younger days

This Aussie, Gracie, has had more injuries than any of other Australian Shepherds over the last 35 years we have raised them.

This time she had torn her pad (where don't know how). The toenail finally fell off. We took her to the vet (3 weeks ago) but there wasn't enough there to stitch up.

Got antibiotics, have used a cone, and wrapped her paw with an old t-shirt and duct tape. We've kept her in the house (she hates it, she loves being outside with our other Aussies on 7 acres). This forces her to stay calm.

Problem is, it's been just over 3 weeks and while the paw looks much better there is one spot where the nail came out that will not heal. As soon as the rag comes off she is licking it like crazy.

We were thinking maybe a muzzle would be helpful. That way the paw will get air but she won't be able to lick.

Any thoughts, other suggestions?

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by: jcrply

Perhaps you could put a dog boot on that foot. You could put topical antibiotic on the spot that hasn't healed, then put the boot on. She could then walk around but not get to the painful spot to lick it. You can order the boots online or get them at your local pet store if it is open.

Paw licking
by: Anonymous

A dog is a dog, Aussies included. Licking is their way of healing. Have you ever noticed that say you get a scratch on your leg and they smell it they will lick it heal it. Same thing with the missing toenail. It also causes pain and THAT is the way they calm the pain.

boot & licking paws
by: Birdie

We thought about the boot.
Given she has been able to pull off everything else we put on her including duct tape around a t-shirt I don't think the boot would stay on. If would have to be so tight that we would cause another issue.

And we totally get that dogs lick. But if she constantly licks the wound making it moist all the time. It needs to dry out.

I wish someone would come up with an antibiotic (spray or ointment) that had such a bad taste the dog wouldn't want to lick it.

We have been putting diluted iodine on it which she won't lick. It just doesn't last long.

Thanks all.

Natural healing spray
by: Anonymous

Dr. Dobias' Skin Spray works great for healing with its natural ingredients.

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