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9 Month Old Australian Shepherd Aggressive

by Vcardin
(Orange County)

Hi everyone! I have a 9 month old Australian Shepherd. He is the sweetest! When we got him at 4 months he had a very shy demeanor. He never loved strangers, he doesn’t like his face touched but he was never mean or barked.

I would have strangers give him a treat and touch his back if he felt comfortable. I felt like he was getting more comfortable. We take him everywhere with us so he is very socialized.

This past month he has become very aggressive with his bark toward strangers. To the point where I’m not sure if he is going to bite them or not.

Me and my husband will be sitting at a coffee shop and if anyone comes within 3 feet he barks aggressively and scares the person. This is becoming a problem now.

We have him in agility and obedience training.

Any advice?

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Aussie aggression
by: Deb lucas

You have described my dog ... she now is 8 yrs old ... I rescued her at 4 months ... I would suggest a highly qualified dog trainer to help you work with your pup.. I was told to put mine down.. I chose not to .. but at the same time .. I invested all my time to working with her behavioral issues.... which meant every minute I was on top of her behavior.... you have a lot on your plate dealing with aggression..if you have any further questions... please feel free to pm me or an Aussie rescue site for further help.. good luck

9 month old aggressive behaviour
by: Tamara

Most aggression is fear based, no matter what the breed. Being that your Aussie is so young I might suspect he is going through a second "fear" period, which in my experience is 10x harder with an Aussie than any other breed I have had. I would suggest talking with trainers that are experienced with this phase and for now, when you take him out, politely ask strangers to admire him from afar. It sounds like it's to much for him to handle right now being approached and touched by strangers. My girl goes in and out of this but I never push her to strangers, I let her make the choice. Good luck...they are great dogs, but can be a lot of work, definitely worth it though.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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