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9 Month Old Neutered Male Plays Really Rough With Puppies

by Alexa

I have a nine month old neutered male Aussie and when we frequent the dog park he tends to play (what I think is) a little too rough with puppies. He'll chase them and knock them down and grab their necks and bark at them so they can't really get up and he's in control. This tends to be okay with some older more confident puppies because they'll fight back but most cower and yelp and then the owners get involved and freak out etc. He hasn't always done this but it's happened the last two to three months, and every time he gets a little too rough with a puppy I'll give him a five minute time out. He'll usually leave the puppy alone for about ten minutes or so, but then he'll be back to bullying them.

Will he grow out of this stage or is there something else I can be doing to discourage this behavior?

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