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A Short Haired Aussie?

by Alisa

I bought an Australian Shepherd puppy without seeing him first. His coat is short compared to the fluffy aussie pups I've seen online. Short and smooth with some longer hairs skimming the shorter ones. The man I bought him from assured me his coat will come in at around 6 months.

He has all the blue merle markings with tan and white, but I'm very concerned that he won't be the pretty long haired dog that I want. He has no papers and I bought him for $200.00.

What do you think? Will his coat come in?


Comments for A Short Haired Aussie?

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RE: coat
by: kym

It sometimes depends on the breeding. The working aussies will typically have shorter hair than the 'show' aussies. The males also take longer to grow a full coat than the females. Give your pup time and I'm sure he will grow the coat you desire,however, don't let his coat discourage you from having a wonderful aussie regardless! Good luck, hope this helps.

could be one of two posibilities
by: Anonymous

He could be a Cattle Australian, which tend to be more on the shorthair. regardless, I'm sure he will be a good loving dog, and you and he will have a great life together. You can look google both Australian shepherds, and Cattle shepherds and see which one he looks more likem this will help you have a better idea. Hope this helps.

I have one too
by: Anonymous

I too just bought an Aussie puppy, but she has short hair. And I'm hoping to see it grow out. Did your pups coat grow? or are we still waiting?

not alone
by: Anonymous

My sweet little aussie has short hair too! It must have something to do with being bred to work because she also has an extremely strong herding instinct that is on the verge of a murderous hunting drive. She's 7 months and is nowhere near as fluffy as other aussies! Her coat will probably never come in and I'm fine with that.

Aussie Short Hair
by: Cheryl


I also have a mixed breed, Aust.sheppard/Boarder Collie- she has short hair and I was just told that the short haired ones come from the Dingo. I do not know how true that is but it does make some sense

workers are dark colors
by: Anonymous

How would a line come from dingos? Aussie's are an american breed. I have a female who has a short coat... 100% working line. She isn't insanely rowdy like you would think being a worker. I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is great with my son perfect playmate for my rambunctious 3 yr old.

Mine has short hair too!
by: Anonymous

I rescued my sweet blue merel Aussie when she was 6mo shes now 10mo and her hair is short. Around her neck its a lttle thicker. People always comment on her short hair and that she MUST be mixed (she also has a lot of white, which really throws people off)

Regardless of her coat i love her to death! Shes amazing with my 18mo old. And yes her herding drive is pretty strong but we enjoy watching her at the park.

Short haired red merle
by: Anonymous

Our girl is 4 months old and has a short coat. We had a beautiful blue merle male for 12 years with a long gorgeous coat - which shed everywhere. I'd love to have a longer coat, but this pup is super smart, super loving, and winks! So I'll just be happy with whatever coat we get.

I'm in the same situation as you..
by: M. Cook

I have a almost 4 month old red tri female. She also has a shorter coat but her ears and towards the very back of her hind quarters are a tad fluffier. She's got everything an Aussie should be but she's just not fluffy. I bought her off a man in Salem, OH, I also live in PA. No papers. $200, but the man I bought her off of said that she could come with papers but just didn't need them if she was just going to be a family pet and a farm dog... Her one blue merle brother had a short coat like hers and her other two siblings (a brother and sister) had the fluffy coat... Anyways it doesn't matter because i don't have to deal with the shedding (: & she's a great pup!

Short hair
by: Joy

My aussie is black/tan/white short hair. My last dog was a full sized long hair same coloring. This mini is the sweetest little thing, and almost 2 yrs old. She is PERFECT!!! And, like the former commenter, I will not have to deal with as much shedding. I am very, VERY happy with my girl, and see no negative effects of this shorter coat. My friend has a very fluffy red tri mini and has to constantly brush him to avoid matting.

short hair on aussie
by: Anonymous

My male black tri was kind of short haired until he reached about a year. He is now six and he has a beautiful full coat.

Short Haired Aussie
by: Anonymous

I adopted 2 Aussie pups and they are both males. They both are short haired merles and they are absolutely beautiful. I was told they were bred to be short haired.

Texas Heeler?
by: Anonymous

I have an Australian Shepherd that I bought from a breeder for $1200. My husband picked her out due to her shorter hair, compared to the others. She is now 5 mos old and her hair is still short, which made me question what other breed is mixed in. She looks exactly like a blue merle aussie with short hair, long skinny legs (not big boned), has incredible herding instincts (nipping at our heels and our Border Collie's) and is smart. I discovered that she looks exactly like a Texas Heeler... Australian Cattle Dog & Australian Shepherd mix. She's awesome! We're completely crazy about her.

short hair
by: bear

So just BC they start out with short hair don't mean it will stay that way or that they ain't full blooded...I hope my pup is full

Short hair
by: Anonymous

Our mini Aussie is nine months old and still has short, soft hair that's rather fluffy. He's tricolored with a lot of white on his face and chest. The hair around his ears, ruff and bum are a bit longer but still very soft. He's a high energy little guy that herds everything, our 20 pound cat, bumble bees, ants and even earwigs in the garden. We love him!

Short Hair?
by: Anonymous

Now this is funny stuff. I named mine Dingo, and he's an amazing herder, running figure-8s around the yard with an amazing speed. His fur is literally "as soft as a bunny", as most who pet him discover. He has a long haired mane, as well as the rear legs, but otherwise he's as white as snow, with dappled ears, the classic shepherd face, one eye has a shepherd's brown "peanut" over the eye, half black, half white face.

His coat has wee spots like a dalmatian.

It makes sense that short hair is preferable for a working dog, as the coat is easier to maintain. Whatever the exact mix is, I love him to pieces.


short hair?
by: Anonymous

I have an 10 months old Australian Shepherd short hair. He's a blue merle. I tell you. They are not kidding when they said to keep them busy. No matter what I put away he always finds something to get into. It always looks like a tornado in my house. But short hair, long hair and mischief I love my blue just the same.

Dingoe's, Aussies, and Short Hair
by: Cathie

True, Australian Shepherds were developed in North America, BUT Australian Cattle Dogs were developed in Australia by crossing with dingoes. Australian Cattle Dogs have short hair.

Many people aren't don't pay attention to the distinction between the two breeds, which are very different, using the vernacular "aussie" when describing their dogs.

You might have an Australian Cattle Dog and not a Shepherd.

short coat
by: Anonymous

My dog blue looks just like a blue merle australian Shepard except for the fact he has a short coat. He's my big baby and i'm assuming he's mixed with something just not sure what really. Would be interested in finding out at some point

RE: Short hair Aussies
by: Anonymous

We purchased a 5 mo old Aussie pup in Feb 2015. She is now 10 mos old. When we got her, she had one other sibling left. Our pup has the longer coat, however, her sister has short fur. The mother looked exactly like the sister sibling, similar markings with short hair. Ours looks just like her father, same coloring, and long hair. We have had 5 Aussies over the years (she's our 5th) and she has the strongest herding drive of any that we have had. She herds our other male aussie constantly and tells him where he can and cannot go, along with us at times; but we are working on that. :) Either way, they are all beautiful, smart, and highly dedicated to their families. They will bring much joy to anyone that owns them!

by: Lacie

I breed them and they are a hybrid type of dog. To make the Aussie it takes about eight different type of herding dogs to make the breed. So sometimes you are likely too get a short haired one a long haired one. That is the best thing about this breed they surprise you cuz honestly you never know what your guna get until they are fully grown. They are amazing dogs I have never owned any other kind of dog in my life. And I'm in my 20's. My parents owned them my whole entire life and now I have my hubby addicted to the breed. He's fine just love your dog cuz he's special. 💚💚💚💚💚

Short haired mini Aussie?
by: eric

We got a puppy a couple years ago from a couple who had done an informal rescue. They were told she was an Akita/beagle hybrid.
Tons of people have said they would swear she is a mini Aussie. Her coat is shorter. More of a flat coat. Her ears are more upright but still tipped. beagle voice and no herding instinct.
You also have to consider the fact that Aussies and mini Aussies are in demand more than a mutt. So if you want to make $200 and have a mutt than can pass a an Aussie....

Smooth coat Aussie
by: Aussie boy

have a smooth coat Blue Merle. we resuced him so we are uncertain of breed %. An elederly man stopped me at the park and commented that he hadn't seen an Aussie like that in a long time. He used them for hearding years ago and all the ones he had seen back then were "smooth coat".

He claims that people breeding for pets have bred for fluffier coats so now almost all are fluffy coat Aussies.

He said my dog looked more like a "real" Aussie than anything has seen in years.

I love the smooth coat!

Aussie loves to cuddle.
by: Anonymous

I have a short haired Aussie and she has freckles on her tummy. She's 5 years old and we adopted her 2 years ago after our 14 year old lab/shepherd died.I've never been without either a dog or cat or both. Kylie is so affectionate and fun to play with. This breed is very smart but training is necessary. I don't know what other breed she might have in her. Her tail is bobbed ; like that when we got her. We really love her.♡♡♡♡♡♡.

Short hair a vacuum nightmare.
by: motherboss (previously anonymous )

My Aussie has short hair and it's only furry around her neck. But let me tell you grooming is a must because shedding is unbelievable. You should see my vacuum and it's a Dyson. I have a vacuum on each level of our home. We love her no matter what. She's 5 now and tri-colored. motherboss.

my mini is 4 months old with short hair
by: Anonymous

I was wondering the same... expected a longer hair. I'm guessing it's his age. He is super cute regardless! Just wanting to make sure I keep him groomed properly etc. Everytime I read or look at grooming videos his hair is so much shorter. So I will wait to see what happens over time.

by: Anonymous

Our daughter bought an Aussie, cute little thing. We have a Red one 14 months and I worked to brush the fluffy fur off him as I was finding clumps.
This pup is a Blue Merle (one partial Blue eye) and just received AKC papers on the litter but he has to be a short haired one. Had a Merle Mini and she to has short hair with "Feathers".
After further digging on the Breeders, it appears they breed 2x's a year. 🤔🤔

by: Anonymous

It is a alstrayisn sherped but short hair good dog use them to run cattle or search and rescue

Smooth coats
by: Anonymous

There is such a thing as smooth coat in the Aussie I have two and they are awesome no different than the fluff ones other than that easier to groom

Aussie/Border Collie Coat
by: Carol

I have an 11 year old male aussie//border collie mix that is a house dog only. I was told his coat is called a lamb coat by a person that shows them and she said they should drown at birth. He has a short very dense under coat an also on sides he has long hair that stands out on his sides a legs. The undercoat is so thick the temp. In the house is 65 with a fan blowing only on him and I have to put the blue frozen cooler pacts under him every four hours or he will pant so hard it is really scary. I rake the undercoat daily with a grooming rake or it Matts.. I love him more than anything. He is definitely worth his upkeep. Bo is mostly white,with a few blue merl markings and two blue eyes with a long beautiful white ploom tail.

by: Anonymous

The comments about the dingos: the person probably got confused with the Australian Cattle Dog - blue/red heelers. Their genetics go back to a little bit of dingo. You can see it in the face and markings.

Short hair Aussie
by: Anonymous

My puppy has short hair. He doesn't look like any Aussie I've had. His Mom and Dad both have the long fur. I'm hoping for the best. He's almost 5 months old.

Aussies & Dingos
by: Anonymous

I have had Aussie Shepherds for over 30 years and only this year ran accross the short-haired version. Great dog though. In my research I discovered the Australian version that
is part Dingo. A completely different dog called a "Kelpie". There are some good UTube videos on them.

Short Hair and a great pup!
by: Anonymous

My 7 month old Mini Aussie fits Dingo's description to a T. Half white/half black face, about 50/50 Black & White with a few brown patches. Peanut over right eye. We are thrilled with her. Very loveable, absolute herder (too much chewing) and great with everyone. My wife isn't sure she's a real Mini but based on what I've read this breed has considerable variety in color and style of fur. Great pup and can't wait to see her grow up.
Short Hair?
by: Anonymous

Now this is funny stuff. I named mine Dingo, and he's an amazing herder, running figure-8s around the yard with an amazing speed. His fur is literally "as soft as a bunny", as most who pet him discover. He has a long haired mane, as well as the rear legs, but otherwise he's as white as snow, with dappled ears, the classic shepherd face, one eye has a shepherd's brown "peanut" over the eye, half black, half white face.

His coat has wee spots like a dalmatian.

It makes sense that short hair is preferable for a working dog, as the coat is easier to maintain. Whatever the exact mix is, I love him to pieces.


Aussie coat
by: Anonymous

I had the exact same situation with my little aussie. I was so worried he wasn't actually an Aussie at all. He is 11 months now and has the most perfectly long and silky gorgeous coat. Itll come in dont worry!!

Short hair
by: Anonymous

If you only paid $200 for your Aussie pup, my guess is that it is mixed breed. Purebred Aussies cost more like $1000! Regardless, I’m sure it will be a great dog!

Price comment
by: Anonymous

You can get a beautiful purebred for almost any price. Yes, even $200. There are breeders that don't charge the higher prices. However, if you are going to pay those higher prices, I'd make sure they have a health guarantee with genetics, etc. Our male was $300 as a pup. We chose to not get the AKC paper.

Short haired Australian shepherd
by: Anonymous

My pup is the exact same way! We purchased her from a breeder and expected her long coat to come in as she got older. However, she’s now 9 months old and still has short hair except on her ears, around her neck and her butt. She also has her Mohawk, she has super long curly hair down the middle of her back. She’s definitely unique and I would not trade her for anything!

I get so mad..
by: Anonymous

Same here I have half toy Aussie and half mini Aussie with short hair and a tiny head. I used to post her pic on different Facebook pages but stopped due to rude comments that my pup MUST be mixed. I would like for her coat to grow but I love her perfectly just the way she is.

Fuzzy Aussie
by: Anonymous

My rescued adult Aussie has an AKC registration but is unlike our previous Aussies. She has a very thick, fuzzy undercoat and a very fine, wispy top coat. She looks like a giant puppy!

by: Laura Gordon

Thanks Kym!! We just adore her either way!!!

Short to long hair
by: Aussielover💞

My oldest female Aussie was literally starving to death when we bought her she was around 6 months and looking back at her pics her hair was so short she didn't even look like a full-blooded Aussie. Now she is 4 and a beautiful fluffy blue merle and her coat is so full. All of her puppies come out so fluffy tho so I'm not sure if part of it was where she wasn't being taken care of right. Now we have bought 2 more Aussies with papers and my Toy is fluffy but my small Mini is shorter haired. My small Mini just had a Litter of pups and some were a little fluffy but now I have 2 left that look like Australian Cattle Dogs as far as their hair goes. But I think with age she might get a better coat, she was pretty skinny when we got her.

Good Job
by: Anonymous

If your Australian Shepherd's coat doesn't grow in I wouldn't be surprised. This is what happens when you go cheap and buy a generally expensive dog breed for $200 dollars (a fifth of what they usually cost) AND without papers, all without even seeing the dog first. I mean seriously did that not seem wrong to you to buy a cheap dog without any papers and not go to see if it was legit? For someone to sell an Aussie for only $200 that dog is most definitely NOT A PUREBRED and probably has some other breed of dog in it that made yours have short hair. Just remember that you bought that dog and whether its coat grows long and fluffy of not you should love him as he is. You're probably going to be very disappointed if his coat stays short but don't blame that on the dog because really it's only your fault he's there with you. Also that thing the guy said about its coat coming in within 6 months was a total lie. My Aussie puppies have always been super fluffy since we got them at 9 weeks.

by: Anonymous

200$ for a pure breed? Sounds like a scam. I’m sure it will be a good dog but no way is it the pure breed Aussie you thought.

Short Hair Aussie
by: Anonymous

My Aussie was $200. I also have her AKC papers. She is intelligent, beautiful, and extremely healthy per our vet. I've had trainers and another breeder inquire about her. So, yes, you can get a quality dog for that price. No need for rude comments on people who supposedly don't do their research. Move on.

Short Haired Aussies
by: Mitzi

I have been looking for a Aussie rescue on petfinder etc. I have had two in the past and both had long hair. I have noticed that a lot of the dogs in rescue they are saying are Aussies but their hair is short. I have never seen a short haired Aussie. I think they are cattle dogs rather than Aussies.

Different coat lengths same parents
by: Anonymous

We bought a tri-color red female Mini. She looks like a classic Border Collie. (People mistake her fo one all the time... probably the color more than anything.) She is papered as are her parents. She has an unbelievable coat at 10 months. We decided she needed a companion because she was driving our Red Bone Coonhound crazy. So... we bought a tri-color blue merle from the same breeder, same parents just a different litter. He is now 4 months old... he is much heavier boned than the female, which was expected, but his coat is short. Not slick short, but nothing like his older sister. As an 8 week puppy his coat looked just like his sisters at that age. We love him, and we will just wait and see if he ends up with a longer coat. One more thing... he is very laid back compared to his older sister, but he does manage to burn off some of her energy and calm her down just a bit... much to the relief of the Redbone.

Aussies from Australia
by: Anonymous

While it’s true that the Australian Shepherd is an American breed, they DID come from dogs that came to the US from Australia with the aboriginal shepherds and merino sheep. So it is possible that there is dingo blood from WAAAAAY back causing some short hair. Don’t neuter your male dog until he’s fully grown and his chances of filling out body and hair are MUCH greater.

by: Anonymous

Hard to tell without a picture. But don't worry, probably a working line Aussie. My girl is a purebred, but a working line. She's currently about 5 months and wavy hair. Remember that it takes about 2-3 years for the full coat to come in.

$200 purebred Australian Shepard’s do exist
by: Anonymous

Anyone who thinks or says you can’t get a purebred Australian Shepard puppy for $200 is full of shi@. I know for a fact you can because I sold 12 of them last year. Had a unexpected litter and our main goal was to make sure each and everyone was healthy and went to a good loving home. It was never about the money. They are very amazing dogs. We have 4 of them now and they are very family oriented and very protective of anyone in our household.

Short haired mini aussie
by: Anonymous

I paid $6,500 for my baby girl. She is 6 months now and has extremely short hair. Even though she is supposed to be purebred mini and came with papers and family tree, I did get her from a pet store and not a breeder. I’ve searched online and have not found any that have short hair like hers. She has the floppy ears and docked tail and weighs about 8lbs now at 6 months. She is dark brown with brown eyes and patches of white. I’m worried she’s some sort of collie or something and paid a fortune!

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