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Abused Australian Shepard

We just got a 10 month old Australian Shepard and he was a cattle dog until we got him. Now he has 10 acres to run and play on. Very loving and eager to please. But the reason we got him was because the original owners beat him alot because he was not up to par herding cattle as their other dogs were. Taking him to a vet next week for shots and general health check up.

We plan on taking him to a professional trainer next week. However he was very shy around us at first but he is coming along nicely since he has been with us. For now... we are just letting him feel his way around and playing with him alot. But because he had lots of beatings from original owners for not herding properly he approaches us very cautiously with ears back and a low crawl. Not aggressive with us at all. I guess it will just take time and lots of love.

Anyway... two questions...

1.) Any suggestions on how to help him come around?

2.) The whites of his eyes are about 70% red... is that normal?

Thanks... Austin

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Abused Aussie
by: Nonnie

Our Aussie's eyes get red when she is anxious; visit to the vet, or the pet store, etc.

As for the fear factor - you will probably want to get a good trainer. We go to our local PetSmart. We have found one that has a great trainer. She has helped us with our Aussie's fear aggression.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Abused Aussie
by: Kathy

Hi Austin

What a sad situation - the good news is that your Aussie is in a much better place now and things can only improve.

We also rescued an abused Aussie, and have found that time and love are indeed the best cures. We've discovered it's best not to push - let your dog become confident in the knowledge that he is in a safe place, and he will progress nicely, at his own speed.

For example, it took a year before my dog would go downstairs, and after five years she still freezes when asked to walk on an unfamiliar floor.
But she has grown in many many ways as well.

Good luck with your new friend - you have done a wonderful thing and the rewards will be huge, both for you and your dog.

Please let us know how your Aussie is doing.

Best wishes,


Your rescued 10 mo Aussie

God bless you for taking this precious aussie!! You are special. I think the redness could be from alot of stress. But have him checked by your vet. Keep us all posted reg. him, ok? You are special!

Abused Australian Shepherd
by: Anonymous

A lot of love... I read that when they are tired they get red eyes. My aussie does not sleep that much because she is too busy watching/protecting her family. She hardly sleeps and when she does she sleeps lightly. They are great dogs. Enjoy yours, he is a beauty.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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