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Adding A Second Female Aussie

by Amy

We have a 5 year old female Aussie and are debating getting an 9 week old Aussie pup (female). I have read that having two females in not wise and just wondering if anyone who has two females can give some advice?

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Female Aussie'
by: Marsha Bosshold

We have always had two Aussies and they have always got on along beautifully. N problems at all. They are very smart and are eager to please. Enjoy.

Two females
by: Anonymous

I own a 3-year old female Aussie that I bought at 8 weeks of age. I also foster one dog at a time for a couple of Aussie rescues. I haven't noticed any difference with my girl interacting with another girl versus a boy. The foster I have right now is a female Border Collie/Aussie mix and so far they play well together. My own Aussie has some resource guarding to other dogs for just a couple of items (rawhide rolls, bully sticks), but it's the same whether the other dog is a male or a female.
By the way, the strange thing is that my Aussie does not ever chew rawhide rolls just carries the rawhide and whines, but doesn't want the other dog to have them. (My Aussie does very little chewing on anything, even bully sticks. I occasionally offer her one of the items, but she seems to have lost the desire to chew since she became an adult. She is on a raw diet, so maybe she doesn't feel the need. She easily crunches raw chicken necks and strips raw meaty bones of the flesh and eats a little bit of the bone but is then completely done with it.) I just don't give the foster dog a bully stick or rawhide unless he/she is confined.

by: Amy

Thank you for the responses. We decided to get the second girl and think they will do well together! Here's to more chaos in the house and more love too!

Carrying rawhide and whining
by: Anonymous

My dog does this ALL the time. It means that she wants to bury it. She carries it around and whines until she finds somewhere she thinks is a good place to bury it.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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