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Adding Another Dog To The Family

I have a wonderful 4 yr old male Aussie mix, we are thinking of adding another Aussie to the family, what is the best for the dog I already have. Should I only consider a female? Any advice would be great, I do not want to jeopardize the awesome pet I have now. Meaning I don't want him to change because of an addition.


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here's a tip
by: Anonymous

Im assuming he is neutered. at age 4, you already know his personality and likes and dislikes, so when you go see another dog, make sure you take him along. He has to be the one to pick, actually. whether its at a rescue, or a breeder, you need to see how they get along,regardless of male or female. do you want them to be like best buds, and horse around? get a boy; do you want them to be more of companion for each other? get a boy. I tell you all this, because I made a few mistakes myself when doing this myself, and I learned.
It will change him a little, in that you may not be his "whole" world, but not by much.
If you fall in love with a dog, and your bo doesn't, don't do it, you will regret it, any the price.
best to you,

Re: Adding new dog
by: Anonymous

THe best combination for dogs is usually one of the opposite sex. THis way there is no compitition bewteen who is alpha dog. And of course one similar to the one you already have. You don't want a couch potato if he is playful and full of energy, otherwise he will just be bored and harass your new dog, and visa-versa. Don't get a high energy dog that wants to wrestle and play tug-of-war if your current dog isn't that way. The more they have in common the better.

by: Anonymous

I wrote on your earlier, and just read it, after sending it, and realized I accidentally wrote get a boy for the 2nd statement, when I meant to write if its for companionship for the other dog, to get a "girl". so boy for horsing/playing; girl for companionship. sorry about that.

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