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Advice Needed - New Aussie Puppy

by Joyce
(Harker Heights, TX)

We adopted an Aussie puppy, she is about 9 weeks now (have had her for 3 weeks this Sunday coming up). The shelter said she was 8 weeks when we got her, but I would bet she wasn't a day over 6 weeks at that time. She is precious, but my question is, she cries alot. She has SO many toys of all kinds. Chew toys, teething toys, squeaky toys, fluffy puppy toys, ropes that we play with, etc. Plus she plays with our 1 & 1/2 yo Lab. They LOVE each other. But the minute you STOP playing, she whines.

I work from home and if I am not ALWAYS paying attention to her, she will cry. Our lab plays with her ALOT, but it seems like it is never enough. I play with her throughout the day (needless to say I am NOT getting alot of work done). It appears the crying is because she is BORED.

My second issue is THE BITING... mostly me, and NOT my husband. Now this issue I want to end immediately. Her teeth are getting to be like little razors. It is play biting, but how do you stop it? When she does it, I say NO in a stern voice and replace my hand with a Chew Rope or teething toy, and praise her if she takes it. And why doesn't she bite my husband like that? Sorry this is so wordy. I just would love any advice. THANKS!

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Biting & Whining
by: Anne Calmes

Your puppy is what we call a "double merle" or "lethal white". She may have some hearing loss or sight loss. If she does she may whine because when the physical touch, playing with the toys or your lab, stops that is her way of communicating with you. She may also just be very needy...she is a young puppy. Keep playing with her but structure it for yourself and schedule a certain time for potty breaks, play time, a snack or training time. Get her on a schedule and be firm with her and the schedule...stick to it.

For the biting...several things you can do
1) spray bitter apple or put cayenne pepper on your hand and she what she does if she tries to bite it. It should deter her but it may not. You may not want that on your hand either.

2) when she goes to mouth/bite your hand you are correct in using the toy/bone distraction but also try a noise as a correction in stead of "no". Be firm and consistent.

3)If this does not work put her in a "time out" of sorts in her crate. After a few minutes let her out and if the 1st two methods don't work...put her in there again. Consistency works wonders.
I suggest you watch the dog whisperer, cesar milan for examples of how to be the "pack leader"

Hope this helps and if you need any more advice just ask
Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

crying and biting
by: Anonymous

Sort of sounds like a country song.

Aussies are whiners, sorry to say. Sometimes you just need to ignore it. Puppy chew toys like kongs filled with treats can help with the boredom. I stuff them with peanut butter or canned food and then freeze them. She will have to work hard to get all the treats out of the kong. It's also a good time to start training her when she is bored. Make her do the "puppy push-ups" -- down, sit, stand-- all in successive order as fast as she can go. Clicker training is wonderful for thinking Aussies. has great games to play with your pup like 100 things to do with a box. My pup gets tired thinking with that game.

I am still having problems with my 10 month old pup biting. Actually, she is a mouther. The only other dog I had like that was my Aussie/Lab mix. I have finally started to push her tongue down when she mouthes me. She is starting to get the idea that I don't want her to do that. She will probably always be somewhat mouthy, but we just need some control.

time and patience
by: Anonymous

she's most likely teething, and maybe has alittle discomfort from it. also, if she was onlY 6 weeks,and not at least 8 weeks when you got her, she was taken from her mama too soon, which means she will need a little extra tender care. She may see you as her mama now. Have her checked out by your vet, make sure there's nothing physically wrong, then be patient and kind, and time will take care of the rest. Could she also be tired of all the rough housing with your other dog? she is rather young. My boy is turning 6 months old, and I've had him for 4 months, and he still takes alot of naps; also is the food you are giving him good for a puppy? Their digestion is alittle different than that of an adult dog. I prefer holistic, natural/ organic food, as well as a holistic vet, but see what you can do. (you are fortunate that you can work from home, what a blessing). best you you.

Lethal White
by: Pepper's Owner

She may have hearing loss, so vocal commands may not work. She may also have seeing loss, since she is a lethal white (double merle) so try using something like ignoring her and walking away. Grabbing (softly) her mussle will also help with nipping, biting, barking, or whining. DO NOT PUT HER IN TIME OUT!!!!! Puppies will learn that their crate is a punishment so at night she will bark and whine even more.

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