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Aggression In Adopted Australian Shepherd

Why would my 4 year old adopted Australian Shepherd get aggressive over baby talk? Please help. Thanks.

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Aussie against baby talk
by: Nancy

Well, Aussie's or so strange! I'm on my second auss and my GUESS is since yours is adopted so its hard to say the background of the dog. They are aggressive in nature and protective. They don't like change at all. Change the furniture in the room and they're upset. The change in your voice could be a change they simply aren't comfortable with just yet. That's my guess. I have a border collie and a auss and you wouldn't believe the simple things that set them off that you wouldn't thing would. My auss is a fearful protective dog. So, if the wind blows and a branch moves outside she gets worked up. They are a quirky dog. Maybe work with treats if you want your dog to try to get used to it but go slow.

Aggressive over baby talk
by: Jackie

I have to disagree with Nancy. I've lived with 3 Aussies and they are far from aggressive, protective sure, but aggressive no. Big difference in being protective and being aggressive. I currently have a 4 year old female Aussie and she's a gem. Protective, but loving. I'm sure your adopted Aussie has issues from its previous situation that you may never know so you'll have to adjust your behavior and simply not speak baby talk. Not sure why there's a need to to begin with?

aussie and aggression
by: Lananbama

I switched breeds from rotties to aussies. Surprise surprises! Aussies very smart . They read your mind. Lol but I have also had a problem with either aggression or protectiveness. Not sure what you want to call it but can't seem to change her mind. She nips only blood once but that's not aceptable!. Not just strangers but men more so than women. And yes there are men in my life. But strange men or runnes or bikers. I need Ceaser. Or suggestion will try anything.

Aggression in Aussies
by: Anonymous

I adopted a 2.5 yr old Australian Shepherd mix. She came from 2 previous families. She is very loyal and protective. She is also reactive. Her aggression began to show about a month after she was with us. She has problems with some other dogs and was barking and lunging at people who walked by, runners, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, other dogs and big bags/luggage. I learned from a Dog Aggression Management class to continuously click and treat her from the time she sensed the object to the time it passed. I stopped after it passed. After many months, I have seen a remarkable improvement. She rarely reacts to walkers, bikers and joggers. She needs more work with the other objects. Now, when a bike goes by, she looks to me automatically and I give her a reward or praise. It works very well. I recommend taking an aggression class for dogs. With steady work and positive reinforcement, you have a good shot at changing the dog's behavior.

My Austin
by: Anonymous

I rescued my Aussie 6 yrs ago when he was about 1 1/2 yrs old. He came into a household with two shelties. I thought...both herding breeds so this shouldn't be a problem!!!
Wow, was I wrong. You can call it aggressive, possessive, pushy or whatever else but he has been a lot to handle. My shelties were both very passive dogs. I had never heard one of them snarl or fuss until Austin arrived. He cannot stand laughter. All indications are he was abused. He hates to be left alone, does not like any type of confinement. He guards his food, doesn't really like to eat. My two shelties have since crossed the rainbow bridge and there is now a puppy in the house with him and for the most part things are good. I always tell him that he is very lucky to have landed in my house!

I love him to death and am glad he found us🐶🐶🐶

Aussie puppy - growling and biting
by: Anonymous

We adopted our mini-Australian Sheperd at 4 months old. He is as sweet as can be with our cats, with my daughter and even with her friends that come over. However, he barks and seems very nervous to any noises outside. We are working with him on that.
Recently, we started experiencing that when strangers come near my daughter, he growls and even lunged at my elderly father trying to pet him! He lunged at my brother and our male neighbor. He seems to be protective of my daughter but in an aggressive way! Luckily, he did not draw blood but he has attempted to bite, twice!
We are hoping that a behavior class will help!
Has anyone else had these problems?

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