Aggression Over Toys And Barking When Outside

by Kat
(Austin, TX)

I adopted 2 year old Australian Shepherd from a shelter that was planning on putting him down. He was a nervous wreck. He had chewed the hair off of his rear and had destroyed property. That was three yeas ago. He is a fantastic apartment dog. He's gentle, quiet, calm (his hair grew back) when he's inside. Outside he is Obnoxious. Barking and jumping at me. I live across the street from a park and he gets to run off leash. He loves chasing Frisbees and balls but growls and runs from me when I try to take the toy back to throw it for him. I trust my dog but worry sometimes that he may accidentally bite me. How can I show him that playing outside is fun?

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Your boy is being a typical Aussie. You could teach him to "leave it" or drop it. You teach the "leave it" by getting your dog to sit. You would hold a treat in your hand near his face and say "leave it". If he reaches for the treat, say "leave it" again and he probably won't go for it again, but if he does, you can move his face gently back with your hand. He should be able to work up to several seconds without reaching for the treat. You can then try dropping treats, or toys on the floor and using the "leave it" command.

When he goes to run from you when you want him to return, you can run in the opposite direction so that he follows you. "Hey, wait a minute" should go through his head. You only throw the ball, frisbee if he willingly drops it. If he doesn't let go, the game is up. He should catch on pretty quickly if he wants the ball thrown again. Always remember to praise him when he comes willingly or even looks at you and when he drops the toy.

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