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Aggression Towards Family Member

My Australian Shepherd is almost 6 months old and he has always been on the nippy side. He is doing better as far as that goes except for with my teenage son.

He does not bother the dog at all and is always sweet and loving to him, but the pup will growl and try to bite him when my son goes to pet him. This does not happen every time but often, which is also scary because it is unpredictable.

My trainer says this is not typical of Aussies and is concerned.

Any advice please?

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Nipping? Unusual... in a aggressive sense
by: James

If this is only happening with one person this is very unusual. Aussie are very affectionate to its herd. Have your trainer have a session with your son. The Aussie seems to see your son as a threat for some reason. This has to be dealt with NOW, while you’re Aussie is under 1.5 years old. Hmmm unusual, but correctable.

Aussies are herders and have soft bites from time to time. But this does not sound like the situation at all. The trainer should correct in 1 or 2 sessions or find a new trainer quick!!!!

by: Denise

My male Aussie just turned five, he is not neutered. He started to get aggressive towards my husband and I. He has his moments but he has calmed down since we are playing with him more. Not sure how normal it is for an Aussie to be aggressive.

Let us know on progress Pls!
by: James

Let us know on progress. Very unlike a Aussie to be aggressive like this. I know 15 owners in my walking club, they have never experienced this with people... some other dogs they don't like yes... but NOT people. Find a trainer who specializes in this!!! Stamp this out immediately! Let us know!

by: Anonymous

Ok. He is now growling and snapping at my whole family except for me :( He can be so sweet and loving most of the time, but if he does not want you to touch him or get near him he will snap at you. To be honest, you are lucky if you get a growl. He has been like this since shortly after we got him, which was at 10 weeks old. I had him fixed this week because my trainer said this can make a difference sometimes. If not, my trainer said he may need to be rehomed to someone who can deal with this because of his unpredictability. I am absolutely heartbroken :(

by: James

Is this trainer suggesting re-homed for good or for a trial period?? HMMMM, I would get many suggestions . This situation is Very Odd .
I can across an aggrieve dog - It turned out he was in horrible pain the owner indicated. The Vet discovered a growth on his spine . Any medical problems with this dog ? What does your Vet say ?

Pls let us know . ....sad .

Nipping and Agression
by: James

The Aussie may be suffering from anxiety or a real medical issue that is making him feel sick . It happens to ALL breeds if they are sick. Take the dog to a vet that specializes in Diagnosis . There are a number of factors that could be contributing to this . my "Jake" got nippy with me a couple time a sharp tap on the nose and a loud "NO" and a time out in the garage cured this !!! LOL !!! . BUT there is something else going on with yours . How much running does he do a day?, what sort of mental and physical activity does he do EVERYDAY ?
I would go with a vet diagnosis and another opinion on the dogs behaviour from another trainer in the area that is respected - just for piece of mind - Give him the best chance to improve . !!! :)

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