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Aggression With Small Children

I have a 7.5 month old red tri Australian Shepherd, as of December 2016 he began showing aggression towards small children. ex - barking, lunging, and nipping at them. Can anyone give me some advice to put and end to this?

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Pup aggression?
by: Anonymous

Without seeing the behaviour, and assuming he is on leash when it happens, I think it might just be puppy play. They usually adore kids but they are very excitable and, being herding dogs, they do nip! If the behaviour is handled properly he will likely grow out of it, but puppy obedience classes are the best idea for Aussies.

hope this helps
by: Anonymous

I've heard of people putting butter on the places they bite it teaches them not to bite but lick. I've never tried it before so i don't know how well this works. my suggestion is not to let the kids run around your dog it may be getting him over stimulated and he's just trying to play and herd them. kids should be taught to respect a dogs heritage for herding, hunting, protecting etc. to protect both them and the dog from forming bad habits

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