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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

Aggressive Aussie

My 10 year old female has become very aggressive. She never has been very friendly with anyone. She does have a brother who is also an Aussie, 6 years old. She has become very aggressive lately (with us) and it is starting to become an issue. I am in desperate need of some suggestions. I don't even think Cesar Millan could handle her. LOL

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by: dave

My wife and my self are in are mid 60's we have had many pets .two aussies ,two blonde labs.Cats , several mixed dogs. the only one that seemed aggressive ,was are recent blue aussie she did not like being on a leash...what I have found is tooth pain or joint pain or any kind of pain can make a loving dog grumpy.or hard to deal with.have your vet check your dog out real good.i wish you luck. dave

Aggressive Aussie - food?
by: Fran

Have you recently changed her food? I am experiencing some anxiety-aggression in my 2 1/4 year old Aussie. I read that sometimes a too-high protein diet may exacerbate aggression in some dogs. I had been supplementing my girl's high-quality dry food with boiled chicken breast (representing 1/3 the amount of food). At first I thought she metabolized it differently and seemed to be a bit more energized. Now I think I have overdone it and perhaps caused too much energy that results in anxiety or perhaps just aggression. Obviously, I have stopped this practice; and, I think she is more calm. The next week will tell, I suppose. Anyway, it is a thought for your situation. Good luck.

Suddenly Aggressive
by: jcrply

I agree with Dave. This could be a medical issue. Having a thorough vet check with blood work and dental check would be a good idea.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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