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Aggressive Aussie

by Claudia

Hi guys! I have a 1 year and 3 month old Australian Shepherd. He is very loving, sweet and very emotionally sensitive. He started to show signs of aggression when he was around 8 months old during his adolescent stage but it has only gotten worse from there.

He only shows aggression to strangers especially when my friends come over. He's bitten 3 of my friends and barks uncontrollably when he sees other people.

My vet suggested to get him neutered but I was wondering if there are any of you who have aggressive Aussies and are experiencing the same? Does anyone have any suggestions in how to correct this behaviour?

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Comments for Aggressive Aussie

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Fixing the problem by getting fixed
by: Anonymous

I would agree that getting him fixed may help a great deal. However positive reinforcement training will need to happen as well. Blast was aggressive and fixing and training has done wonders! Dogs are abig commitment and you have to do right by them to help them succeed in any way you can. Good luck! :)

Aggressive Aussie
by: Anonymous

Yes, I’ve owned two aggressive Aussies. Both were neutered, but it did not change them a bit. They never growled or showed teeth or seriously wanted to attack anyone, they’d just lunge, bark in their faces, and scare people. I had many friends and family who didn’t want to come around because they were afraid of the dog. Nipped a few times and probably would have more if gotten the chance. In my opinion neutering is always best. You might not even see a difference in temperament, but I’ve never heard of any negative consequences of neutering a dog and it is a fairly simple procedure. Dogs usually fully recover fast. My dogs always got more aggressive as they went from puppyhood to adolescence. You just need to keep an eye on your dog, spend time training, and hire a trainer to help you. If the pups loved and raised right, it will grow up and mature, and calm down. Hang in there!

same story here
by: lynn's human

Well, my dog is a 9 month old female, and has been showing fear and growling at people for two months now. specialy men and i guess people with whom she hasn't interacted while she was still a puppy. i am hopeful that it goes better with time but something that seems to work is when people just ignore the dog. as if she was not there. and take a cup of tea and relax and laugh. she might not become instantly friendly but also calm down, and when she does i try to instantly praise her so she gets the idea. Hope it helps and hope it keeps helping me.

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