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Aggressive Australian Shepherd Has Bitten Neighbor Boy

by Karen
(Galesburg, Il)

This is "FLOYD" as in Pink Floyd. I know... stupid name for a beautiful dog. Anyway, Floyd is 7. Four years ago he was involved in a hit and run resulting in the amputation of his left hind leg. FYI... you'd never know!!!

Anyway, since then Floyd has gotten excessively aggressive toward adults and children that aren't within his family. Great with 'HIS PEOPLE" and other animals, dogs and cats alike. Just humans.

He's part of our family. Sleeps in my son's bed; you guys know the drill. Insanely smart. Super protective of our 5 year old daughter. She was home sick from school and Floyd laid in bed with her all day like Nana from Peter Pan.

He's bitten my son-in-law, my sister, and this past weekend the neighbor boy resulting in stitches, the sheriff, and 10 days of quarantine. HELP!!!

Any training books or videos out there that will work?



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"Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care" and "The Online Dog Trainer" Videos
by: Anton

Yikes! Sounds like things are well out of control! For starters I can recommend our ebook "Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care" but at this stage I think you are going to need a more in-depth, comprehensive approach.

I had a chance to review "The Online Dog Trainer" site run by a professional dog trainer who goes by "Doggy Dan."

He offers a 3 day trial for only $1, but I would highly recommend, especially in your case, that you extend that for at least the first month on the video membership site. (It's only $37 per month after the trial period.) If you decide to get serious and commit to a 6 month sign up it works out to only $12.50/mo. That is NOTHING compared to potential legal liabilities for having an aggressive dog. (I hope things haven't already gone too far down that road with the neighbor boy being bitten.)

There isn't going to be just one video you need to watch that is going to solve the problem at this point. Start at the beginning of Dan's program (as he recommends) and work your way through it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: While I've reviewed Dan's program and I really do like it, I have also joined his "affiliate program" and if you (or anyone else) signs up for Dan's program through the link above you also help support our efforts here as we get a referral fee. I take this responsibility seriously and endeavor to only promote quality products and services from reputable merchants and providers. Dan also provides a 60 day money-back guarantee.

I hope you can get Floyd under control and he doesn't create anymore situations requiring the sheriff (or lawyers)!


Biting Aussies
by: Anonymous

I had similar issues with my six year old Aussie. He choose to bite be instead of what feared him. He thinks he is in charge. I was done with him. Then I called Sit Mean Sit and the e-collar training. It works. I would like a commercial. But I'm not I just really was thinking of getting rid of my dog and this solution worked. I don't get anything from this by telling you only trying to help.

Aggressive Aussie
by: Anonymous

Your boy has been through a lot, I guess there is lasting trauma for him. I would say, before you start trying to sort out his problems yourself, you go to a qualified trainer for help. There could also be lasting pain issues as well that make him nervous of other people coming too close. These guys are smart, yes, but also very sensitive! Good luck with your gorgeous boy.

e collar
by: Anonymous

I 2nd the ecollar and get nothing out of the reco. We have a mini that has an insanely high prey drive along with multiple genetic health issues. That combined with a tough start at a farm with too many dogs and one food bowl, we had multiple behavioral issues too. She was always great with us... we could do anything with her. She was amazingly well trained with tricks and commands. She just had this switch where if she was triggered... by another dog, a fast moving object, strangers, she would stop hearing us. We tried everything and were really afraid of the ecollar, but we tried it on our own hands and it didn't hurt so we gave it a go. It was the only thing that seemed to cut through her reactions and get her refocused on us and calm. We only used it for a while regularly and then we would pull it out for use in high stress times for our pup when we knew a reaction was likely. We combined it all with positive rewards and clicker training and we never used it when it was just the family in the house. It's so hard but the alternative was worse and the success we had made it all worth it. We worked with a military dog trainer so he could show us exactly how (and not) to use it. Now we don't have to use it all.

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