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Aggressive Australian Shepherd

by Kris

My Aussie is 1 1/2 yrs. and is extremely aggressive when she has something she shouldn't have. She has attacked me on several occasions and gets worse every time.

My last straw is her biting my granddaughter. I have tried a shock collar shock collar at an early age (very low setting) she attacks my husband every time he leaves the house.

I'm at my wits end and think putting her down is my only option. I don't want to surrender her to the pound and have her be someone else's problem. I also hate the thought of leaving her and her being scared and trying to adjust somewhere else.

Any advise would be appreciated. I may add that hiring a dog trainer is not an option sadly my husband and I have not the time and he refuses to spend money on something that is not guaranteed.

I am getting more afraid of this dog and I don't want her to sense this and become more aggressive.

Note from Anton: Unfortunately, using a shock collar was probably a mistake as they can damage your relationship with your dog and can result in behavior issues as well. However, here's a way to get the benefits of hiring a professional dog trainer at a much lower cost.

Since you are dealing with an aggressive Aussie I highly recommend you check out the program created by the professional dog trainer from New Zealand, Doggy Dan. His online video training program addresses aggression and many other behavior problems as well as comprehensive training.

He gives instruction in easy to follow videos and then shows you how to implement the training with his own dog training clients. Since the lessons are online in video format they are available 24/7 and you can watch them as many times as you like.

He has a couple of very reasonably priced plans (much cheaper than hiring a profession trainer one-on-one) and you can check out his entire video library (not just a few lessons… the whole program) for only $1 for 3 days access so you can see for yourself how excellent his program really is. After that you can go month-to-month or just go with the 6 month plan to get the best value.

More Info About The Online Dog Training Program Here…

If even this small amount is too much and you aren't able to make the time necessary perhaps it is best she is rehomed; making sure that the new people are fully aware of the behavior issues.

Best of Luck! ~ Anton

Comments for Aggressive Australian Shepherd

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Many options
by: Ron Greenwood

I am shocked to read that you think putting your Aussie down may be your only option. And then you write that you have no time for your dog and don't want to spend any money, why did you bring this poor dog into your home? Please reach out to a Aussie rescue org before you put your dog down. Two of my Aussies have been rescues from cases that were similar to yours, crazy thing is I have never had any problems with them and they have been wonderful additions to our family. Your dog deserves a chance

Find a hobby
by: Anonymous

Sounds like You haven't Amy idea of giving your dog a task!!! Many Aussies become aggressive, of being bored or having fear of being alone.... means they are Alone to long.

Give You a chance and find some hobby for you together.
Try to start over again and read a book about marker training

Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline
by: jcrply

Please check out ARPH. Here is a link to the website that links you to their different regions across the country.

If one of these is not in your area, then GOOGLE "Australian Shepherd Rescue" for a group near you. Someone will help you!

Time to Rehome
by: MaryH

Based on your your comment "I'm at my wits end..." it would probably be best for all of you to find her another home.

Working with dogs that display aggressive behavior take a lot of work and patience. You also mentioned that you are getting more afraid of her and that would make it twice as hard to work with her.

I'm not sure where you are located, but there are plenty of rescue organizations that will take problem pups. Maybe contact your local trainers and vet to see if they can put you in touch.

Please please please don't euthanize her. Changing her living situation is a better option.

I will take your dog
by: Anonymous

I can't imagine ever thinking of putting one of my dogs down for a non health related issue. You need to get your priorities in order and figure out to take care of your dog. I can't believe someone could even think like that.

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