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Aggressive Behavior Toward Dogs

My 6 year old Aussie girl has been getting increasingly aggressive toward dogs we meet on our walks. She's fine at first, nose touching, stump wagging and then for no reason I can see she goes ballistic, lunging at the dog, barking and snapping. She gets out of control and is hard to get calmed down. We can't let her get anywhere near other dogs anymore. It would be so appreciated if anyone out there can help me figure out how to stop this behavior.

Thank you.

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Feel Your Pain!
by: Jean

My 6 yr. old male Aussie does the same thing! It took me a few years to figure it out but it really only happens when I'm walking him...think he is protecting me. If he is with my husband or with someone else, he isn't as aggressive. There are a few dogs he gets a long with really well and they are all well behaved, smart and male dogs...odd!

Agressive Behavior
by: Anonymous

Our one Aussie is also very aggressive towards other dogs. We don't take him to the dog park because of this. If you figure out how to curb this behavior, please post it on here. Thanks you!

Behavior toward dogs
by: jcrply

Does she do this to all dogs or just to some of the dogs? That would be a clue. My Aussie is fine with some dogs we meet but defensive with others. I feel sure she is reading something in their body language. When on a leash, the dog's ability to flee is taken away, and if she feels threatened, a good defense may be to present a strong offense. If you have friends or acquaintances who have dogs, perhaps you could enlist their help. Parallel walking... people and dogs walking in same direction... not confronting each other... is usually best. Lots of parallel walking on opposite sides of the street until she is comfortable and then closer. I think my own dog will never be comfortable with all dogs because we have had too many experiences with loose dogs growling and charging us that I have had to use pepper spray to stop from attacking us in our bad neighborhood.

My Girl Too
by: Kathy

My Aussie behaves the exact same way and has been in a few fights. She is now no longer allowed to be social on walks, or with other dogs in general. I too am interested in feedback.

Aggressive behavior towards other dogs
by: Michelle

I have two Mini-Aussie's who are very protective of me and can even be a bit aggressive to our friends or relatives when they first arrive. When the doorbell would ring, they both went absolutely crazy, barking and growling, etc.. They also USE to love chasing vehicles.
I signed-up with a local dog trainer (Sit Means Sit) who use shock collars. They can be set to many different levels. The "shock" feels like a static shock, and does not "hurt" them (I tried it on myself), it is meant to get their attention- to focus on you and your command. Since they have been on the collar/training for over a month, I rarely have to "shock" them, just having the collar on, they know to obey my command. I know many people feel it is a mean thing to shock a dog, it really does not hurt them, and in my case, has made them better dogs, no more aggressive barking or nipping, no more vehicle chasing!

our 3 years old is also behaving like that .
by: Anonymous

We are so distraught by his behavior . He never like strangers but he was always super friendly with every dog . But now he is barking to any dog walking by . I am carrying lots of treats when I see a dog I cross street and give him treats to get his attention off from other dogs. He loves dogs parks but on a leash he is a demon.

You Are Not Alone!
by: Trish

I completely understand what you're going through.
I have a 1 yr old female Aussie that started having dog aggression issues (when leashed) when she was only 4 - 5 months old. We have another dog in the home and they get along pretty well (the Aussie does a little intense and rough sometimes). I had hired a trainer to help me with this leash aggression problem and I have been working on it tirelessly since then. Once, I took her into the dog park area (no leash) and watched her. There was only 2 other dogs there, so I thought I would take a chance. She ended up being actually timid and a bit frightened, which is what the trainer thought it would be.... fear aggression. On my daily walks I'm always scanning the area for dogs in the distance, and try not to get TOO close to them., I tell her "leave it" and I have her look at me for treats, well before they are in close proximity, all the while trying to stay perfectly calm and in control. I also had to teach her how to walk beside me (not in front of me) on the leash. It really does start with taking control of the walk. Its a work in progress here! Good luck to you and your pup! :)

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