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Aggressive Puppy Towards Other Dogs

by Stephanie

We have a 13 week old male Mini Australian Shepherd named Leon. He is absolutely adorable and is very loving towards us, but hasn't been around other dogs since he left his mother 3 weeks ago. He was the last puppy left and we were told he was one of the smallest in the litter.

We just took him to a puppy socializing class and he barked, growled, and tried to attack all the other puppies who were just playing. We had to stand about 10 feet away and hold him in order for him to calm down. We thought maybe he just needed to get used to them but after an hour his behavior remained the same.

I talked with a trainer and she recommended that we start slowly with some obedience training with one other calm adult dog so he can start to associate positive things with other dogs. Has anyone else had this problem? Or any advice how to stop this? We are going to start bringing him around other dogs but I'm afraid other owners aren't going to want their dogs around our naughty, mean dog!

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

13 week old puppies can be difficult, but hang in there. It sounds like you have consulted a great trainer. I would go with the suggestion about training with the older dog so that your pup becomes more comfortable with other dogs.


I agree with Gayle. Also sometimes private lessons are helpful.

Puppy aggression
by: Stepamos

Well he's 16 weeks now and we've signed him up for obedience classes which start next week. We brought him around my sisters two dogs and after a couple hours he relaxed and ended up making a new best friend! Still when we take him on walks and he sees another dog he barks and tries to lunge. He doesn't like other dogs in his personal space but he's come a long way. We'll just keep socializing him and hope that the training helps. Thanks for the advice!

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