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All About Our Baby Boy Cosmo!

by Alison
(Smyrna, TN)



Well, it all started out us wanting a puppy. We wanted a girl, about 6 weeks old, and a mutt from the pound. Well we ended up getting the total opposite. We saw the Australian Shepherd and fell in love with everything about them. We loved their appearance and intelligence. We ended up finding a breeder who had one last puppy that was almost 3 months old. We fell in love with him immediately.

So now our baby Cosmo is 8 months and 4 days old! He has learned so much over the months... he has learned how to Speak, Whisper, Shake, Roll Over, "figure 8" (between my legs), Around, Stay, Heel, Bow Down, Leave It, Balance something on his nose and catch it when I say so, "through" (for through a hoop), "Over" (to jump over something), Crawl, OH! and ALSO KNOWS HOW TO PLAY DEAD! We have him sit a certain distance away from us then we make a gun shape with one hand pointed towards him then say "BANG!" and he falls to the floor and doesn't get the "click" noise until his head is touching the ground.

We can't describe how much we love our Cosmo and even if he was the opposite of what we were wanting, he turned out to be everything we ever wanted AND needed! We love you Cosmo! Thank you for taking the time to read! God Bless!

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I have a Cosmo too
by: John

I have a beautiful blue merle male 12.5 years old named Cosmo. he is a star in Reno, Nv. at all the pet stores and coffee shops. I like your Cosmo!

by: Linda

It's amazing how smart they are, when I get around other dogs I love mine even more. I hope you have many happy years with Cosmo.

I love my Aussies too!
by: Jill

I adopted my girl over ten years ago and have never been happier! She is everything a loving companion should be. She loves this family unconditionally. She protects us and is devoted like no other breed I have adopted, and is the smartest dog I have ever owned. You have made a good choice and will be loved for the rest of his life!

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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