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Allergies And Scratching

I have an Aussie who is going through a rough time with itching and other than feeling so sorry for him the vet bills are killing me!! He is AGAIN on prednisone and antibiotics but this time to no avail. Anyone out there have this problem and if so, what helps if anything! Going crazy with this! THANKS!

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by: Anonymous

I am no expert, just a dog owner. Here is just one possibility: you could try switching to a grain-free diet. This could be either grain-free dry and/or grain-free canned or it could be a home prepared food of meat, veggies, fruits and supplements. If you are already feeding grain-free food, you could try switching the type of meat. Sometimes switching to a really different protein source... like duck or lamb or other.... will work.

by: Anonymous

My aussie does not have any problems but my lab had ear problems and a rash on her belly. Vet suggested no grain lamb and rice food (I use Diamond Brand). They both are on it and doing good.

Scratching and itching
by: Millie

I have switched soo many times now for grain free and nothing has changed. Really depressing and don't know what to try now. ???

Re: Itching
by: Anonymous

If you have already tried grain free diets then you may want to try adding fish oil to the food. I feed 'Sea Pet' fish oil. This can make a WORLD of difference in your pets skin, coat and all around difference. I have never had a problem with any of my 5 aussies, but my german shepherd used to itch terribly. She had terrible skin problems. Dry, itchy skin. Staph infections etc. She was a mess (rescued from bad breeder). I started her (and my other dogs) on Sea Pet and I couldn't believe the difference. No itching, scratching, shedding even became minimal!
You should also try to figure out what may bother him in the house or yard. My last aussie was allergic to the new fabric softener I was using. My other german shepherd had allergies to grass. Check with your vet FIRST but you can also give Benadryl to ease the itchiness. Sometimes that is helpful too. Good luck! I hope you find something to ease her itchiness!

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