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Am I Making a Mistake Getting My Australian Shepherd Pup?

I have a 2.5 year old Chihuahua that is 4 lbs very fragile and doesn’t have the best attitude at times. My daughter wants a dog she can play with so I got an Aussie puppy arriving in 3 days time. I’m second guessing now if I am making the right call.

With the high energy level of an Aussie I worry he will hurt my Chihuahua accidentally or worse, intentionally at some point. Both are also males.

My Chihuahua is too small and it’s very cold where we live so he is strictly an indoor dog. Will it be hard to train my Aussie to go outside with the Chihuahua using pee pads indoors?

Also, being only an indoor dog my Chihuahua is not up to date on his vaccines but never leaving the house I am confident he doesn’t have anything. Can he get sick from the new pup? Can the new pup get sick from him?

I’m really wondering if this is a mistake.

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by: Anonymous

I would suggest you get the Chihuahua vaccinated and let both dogs have the freedom of the open air, inside pets can get pampered to the point of being treat like mini humans or dolls, this isn’t natural for any breed of dog.
It also sounds like you have a lot of insecurities about your pet to start with, dogs need attention and fun in their lives, not the imprisonment we could enforce on them.

Similar Situation
by: Nina

My daughter, son-in-law n granddaughter have a 9 mo old full blooded Australian Shepherd n I have a 10yr old 5 lb Apple head chihuahua and I am going to there home for Christmas. They live about 150 miles away Good thing they are in a very large house but I am concerned about my little Bella as she can get a little snappy at times with other dogs, great with other ppl if I am with her. I am concerned if my dog gets snappy with there Aussie if she will bite back which can be fatal for my little dog yet no harm to there Aussie as my dog has lost many teeth.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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