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Am I the only one?

by Wilda

Am I the only one that feels this way? Sometimes, I'm sitting on our lanai (we live inn Florida) and the dogs are just so happy and content to be bathing in the sun, and enjoying the air and breeze that I just don't want to do anything else, nor go anywhere. I don't want to ruin the moment sort of speak, by having to leave and go and do; especially this time of year, our winter, is more like Spring and Fall. There is no humidity, the sun is shining, and there's a cool breeze blowing. The temperature is in its 70's.

Some people think I care too much about the dogs and their comfort and well being. I work 1-2 days a week, depending, and it's 9 hour shifts. I'm grateful its not everyday, but even the 9 hours are long, when I think of the dogs home alone. I cannot give them water nor food while I'm gone for fear they will have accidents in the house. This bothers me, but I don't see what other choice I have. They seem no worse for the wear when I come home, mostly sleeping. When I return, I give them a good walk, and food and water, and treats!

When I'm not working, I'm home most of the time with an occasional outing here and there. I love my boys (my dogs, I call them my boys) that sometimes its just hard to have to leave them, even for a little while... of course there are days when they make me want to go out, cause they are driving me crazy with their constant bickering, and wanting to go out, but most of the time its all good.

Does anyone else go through this? I'm guessing there must be others like me, surely...

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by: Richard Bryant

That's us... we do everything with the Kids. Terri is a stay at home mom and they are lucky that way. It's all about the Kids.
Ozzy is a couple of weeks behind on his shots, he turned 2 last week, and they locked us out of the club yesterday. The Kids were looking and barking as we drove away. So we drove 15 miles over to a free dog park with a lake, they have been sleeping ever since.

Love for our dogs
by: Marsha

I know exactly how you feel. I sometimes don't want to move when they are all cuddled up next to me. Like you said they just seem so comfortable I don't want to disturb them. There are many more just like us.

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