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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care


by Danielle Law

Hailey is the one on the left she is a Blue meral and Bettie is on the right she is a Tri

Hailey is the one on the left she is a Blue meral and Bettie is on the right she is a Tri

Hi my name is Danielle and my Fiance and I just got two Mini Aussie Puppies about two weeks ago. These dogs are so cute and so smart. They have the potty training thing down and love to work to get treats.

We were scared to get the girls since we have five rabbits, but the girls love to play with the bunnys and the bunnys love the girls. Their names are Hailey Baily and Bettie Boop. I could'nt ask for better dogs. They are only 13 weeks old and already roll over its so fun. They do still try to heard us but we are working on that.

They love to cuddel and sleep under the covers with us. The girls just love to run and take walks we live in MN and this past week it has been to cold for walks, but they still want to go for a walk even when they can't stand on their feet cause they are so cold.

We are going to do agility with them this summer. If anyone has any tips for my pups please feel free to write me. I can't wait to read all your stories.

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by: Anonymous

Our little Aussie also breaths hard. I used to keep her in the kennel at nights but because of her breathing (panting) I thought it best to let her sleep on the floor beside my bed. I thought it must be too hot for her.

Don't Shave your Aussie
by: A-Non-E-Muss

Aussies have an undercoat which acts like insulation. It keeps them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If you shave it, they have no protection from the sun and when the coat grows in, it can be ruined. My brother's dog was shaved when he got her and now the coat has come in all curly and weird looking. Also, she is a black tri and was miserable in the sun last summer due to the heat. I've heard from some people who just shave their bellies to keep them a little cooler.

About the heavy sleep breathing
by: Konstantine

Completely normal. We were equally worried about it lol. Just a natural thing they do. Some people think they do that because they are dreaming, but regardless you have nothing to fear your beautiful pup is in no danger :)

I live in MN ALSO!!
by: Esme Blue

I found Esme Blue on the internet and fell madly in love with her two baby blues. We named her Esme which means guardian or helper. She is so protective and loving. She herds my three year old and they play for hours together. He says to me every day or even more then once a day, "Mommy, I love Esme soooo much, WHY?" and I tell him different reasons but truth is, I don't know why, we just do.
Esme is the smartest and sweetest dog I have ever owned. I want to do right by her and get her the best of the best. Already I have bought her lamb and steak and boil an egg everyday for her coat. i even give her alittle yogurt for digestive health. The only worry i have is from the day she came home she breaths really fast, especially when she sleeps. Is this a form of panting? it scares me and tomorrow we are taking her in to make sure it's normal. I thought if its because shes too hot then maybe if its not too weird I can have the groomers shave her. I want her just to be as happy as she makes us. Thanks for sharing your stories. Good luck with your dogs and if your ever in MPLS and in the uptown area and see a Mini Aussie with two baby blues then that's our Esme and feel free too come up and pet her hello! Thanks Katie


looking for a blue merle puppy where did you get yours.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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