Animal Aggression

by Millie Springer
(Winnetka, CA 91306)

I have my second Aussie, Merlin, a rescue approx. 3 yrs old (?) he likes people but not other dogs. Is this something with the breed or maybe something I can do to help correct it. Anybody else have this problem?

Thanks... Millie

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mine is opposite
by: Dan

My Aussie is almost the exact opposite of yours, well sort of. She loves other dogs and is always willing to play and ruff house but never gets aggressive. I take her to the dog park quite a bit and on the rare occassion a fight happens there between other dogs it ususally draws all the other dogs over and they all start getting whipped up about it if the fight isnt broken up right away. But when this happens my Aussie will remove herself from the situation, she doesnt run in fear she just walks away as if she has no intrest in the fight. So I dont think this is a breed issue. She is a bit different around people, always barking at any stranger she sees but never really acts agressive apart from the barking and if I walk her over to meet them she calms down. I think she is just being protective of me.

by: Sue

My Aussie is 11 months old and like Dan's, loves dogs. He is too friendly sometimes. He barks at non-family members when they first arrive at our house, but doesn't bark at people or dogs when we're out and about. He barks when he hears (or sees) our neighbours' dogs though. I haven't figured that out yet.

It might have to do with your dog not having been socialized with other dogs when he was a puppy (do you have information about where he came from?). We have an Aussie in my neighbourhood who barks and growls at other dogs (and people). When I spoke to the owner, they were living in the country when the dog was a puppy so it didn't get socialized. I would look into whether it's too late or not for a 3 yr old.

My Aussie Kiera
by: Anastasia

My Aussie, Kiera is similar to your dog too. I f another dog takes her ball/toy by accident, she becomes very aggressive then she lashes out on them and starts snarling and biting them.I can't believe my dog would do such a thing! Its not like her. The best thing is to be patient with your dog and him/her on the lead and let him/her say hello to the other dog. Gradually do this every day, and when you think it's time for them to play about let him/her off the lead. This works with my dog. I hope it works with your dog too!
By Anastasia Collett

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