Anybody Know Of Any Healthy Bones, Rawhides?

by Nancy
(Federal Way, WA)

I've recently been educated on how rawhides, compressed rawhides, and bones are manufactured and processed and it worried me. It said companies even trick you by saying made in America and they aren't. Seems China is the worst! They soak rawhides in chemicals to make them look white and healthy on the shelf when in fact they are really bad for your dog. Mexico seems to be a bit better. This is really frustrating. I recently was at Petco and theirs are made in China too. I have a border collie and Auss and they love to chew. Do you know of any company in the United States that makes these properly? If so, please respond! Thank you in advance!

Nancy from Washington State

Comments for Anybody Know Of Any Healthy Bones, Rawhides?

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by: Anonymous

Deer antlers are all natural and last for months. They are gathered after the deer shed them, naturally, in the forest

bully sticks
by: jcrply

You might consider bully sticks. I order the 12" BellyRubs brand from amazon. They are sourced from Brazil. They are stinky :-)
The brand Wholesome Hide Retriever Roll is a rawhide roll made in the USA.

Alternative to Bones & Rawhides
by: Ontario, Canada

I also have an Aussie and Border Collie that love to chew. I give my dogs deer antlers, have you looked into these. They are readily available, a bit more expensive than traditional bones and rawhides but they last quite a while. It was my vet that recommended this to me as my Aussie was a rescue who stressed chewed her first few months with us.

In response to answers
by: Nancy

The bully sticks sound okay if they digest without an issue, I read that the rawhides can cause a blockage sometimes because they are not digestible? Deer antlers seem okay but then I've heard if you go to hard your dog can actually break their teeth which costs a fortune to repair. Thank you for everyone's comments and I will consider them all! I really appreciate it!!!

by: Anonymous

There is a meat packaging plant where I live (Michigan) that slaughters beef and pork. They smoke the cow femer bones and the pig's ears- the bones are safe/do not splinter. Try finding a place like that were you live.

elk antlers
by: dave

elk antlers are the safest. deer antlers are small I get elk antlers to my dogs they love them. I go to a holistic pet store to get them

Pethaps these????
by: Anonymous

I don't know if this is helpful or not. I found what is said to be U.S. grown beef rawhide "bones" processed in the U.S. in the Drs. Foster and Smith website. (Think it is I don't know about the chemical processing, but these are described as unbleached. I buy a very large size for my mini Aussie ... much too large for her to tear apart. They offer a gigantic rawhide "bone" that may be appropriate for a larger dog. Shop carefully. Not all their rawhide is processed in the U.S.

by: Kathy

I have 2 aussies, one is 9 1/2 yrs old and other is 14 yrs old and they only get either femur bones (also helps clean tartar from teeth) or bully sticks....they love either type...rawhide bones of any type are no good for any breed of dog

by: Anonymous

check out -Diagest-eeze found at Petsmart.

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