Anything And Everything I Can Learn...

by Chrissy
(Orlando, Fl)

We made the decision to add a beautiful Australian Shepherd boy to our family and will have him the first week of February. Will be 8 weeks old, AKC, tail docked (which I would have preferred it to be intact but it was done before we found them) dew claws removed, will have first set of shots, vet checked, health certificate, etc.

I have been staying up every night until the wee hours of the morning researching the breed, finding the best foods for him, training myself on how to properly train a dog and basically learning everything I can. But what I would like to know more about is medical wise.

I will obviously take him to my vet to figure it all out when he's here, but I'm impatient and want to know now. :)

What is the vaccination schedule we should go by, when should we have him neutered, what are the best flea/tick meds (Ive always used Advantage but seen someone said something about seizures..?)

I just want to know as much as possible to make sure we do everything right. Ive got the giving him lots of love and attention down tho! Can't wait til our little man is here!! Sorry it was so long. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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by: jcrply

The IVIS (International Veterinary Information Service) states that the "Core Vaccines" -considered essential- are the following (they are listed with their minimum duration of immunity):

Canine Distemper > 7 years
Canine Parvovirus-2 > 7 years
Canine Adenovirus-2 > 7 years
Rabies Virus > 3 years

They state further that "All other vaccines are regarded as "non-core" and should be used only in dogs considered at high risk on an as-needed basis."

I chose my veterinarian based in part on their vaccine schedule.

If you do have a dog neutered, it is now considered best to wait until the dog is fully matured. This age will vary somewhat with breed.

Anything and Everything
by: John Myers

I have an 11 month old shepherd and when she was about 8 months old, she started throwing up every night or in the middle of the night.

After numerous xrays and other test, the vet gave her Metoclopramide 10 mg. I give her one each morning and that has stopped the problem or at least for a while.

Good Luck

good luck
by: dave cheryl

I have had two aussies over the years I miss them really bad. you have to be smarter then the dog and with a aussie that is really hard. Gretchen my bi red so smart .she had a stuffed toy for years. from a pet store ( made in china ) she used to hold it all the time ended up getting mouth cancer we had surgerys went holistic and lost her at 9 years old made me sick .after we rescued a blue aussie from the pound special needs dog.she had seizures had her 19 months she died at 4 years old we have two rescues now NO STUFFED TOYS from CHINA .only elk antlers two chew ..are last aussie is on this site missys song..

Test for MDR1 mutation
by: Anonymous

In case you have not come upon it in your research, it is said that 40 to 50% of Aussies carry one or two copies of the MDR1 mutation. A dog with this mutation is very sensitive to certain medications (some rather commonly used) and is unable to easily flush them from its brain. You should contact Washington State University's veterinary website or for information if your veterinarian is not aware of this problem. (Many are not.)

WSU is the only place that is licensed to test, although your vet can send the DNA sample to them it you like. The test involves a simple cheek swab, easily done at home, and a fee. I believe it is $75. Well worth it. My Aussie came up carrying two copies of the mutation and I learned shortly before she was to have surgery. The vet handled her anesthesia, etc., according to the results of the test and she did well.

New pup
by: Ann

Congrats. My pup is 7 months and I trusted the breeder and her vet for recommendations. I use Earthborn puppy vantage and besides this book I watch you tube videos from Zak George. He has border collies and does lots of positive training for dogs. Check out his FB or you tube. I enjoy them.

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