Are Aussies Good For Running Partners?

I would just like to know if Aussies are good running partners or not?

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running partners
by: Anonymous

Well, my partner is a marathon runner and he runs with my aussie when he trains. He just loves it. Just remember not to push too hard and go slowly with them. They also need to get good condition before long distances. When they are young pups they should never run long distances. Check with your vet, they can tell you all about it.

You couldn't run far enough
by: Anonymous

Just have them learn some obedience (healing) and you are good to go and go and go...

yes, indeed
by: Anonymous

ABSOLUTELY! You couldn't ask for a better one, you may have to try and keep up with him... but if you train him, he'll stay by your side, and keep you company all the way.

Not all of them!
by: Anonymous

Can't agree with what the others said. My aussie hates to run, she'll lag behind and sometimes has to be positively dragged along. She simply finds it boring. Whereas she's really lively and fun playing frisbee or just walking. So, not all aussies are good for running partners – it depends on the animal!

Still trying to figure her out
by: Christine

I had an Alaskan Malamute that ran with me for years. Up to 15 miles one day (in two separate runs). Sadly she passed this fall at almost 13 years old. Ran with me right up until the end.

I have an almost 2 year old Aussie who I was told would be great for running. Some days she is ok. Some days she just stops and won't move. Very frustrating. Trying to figure out if I just need to keep working with her, or if she is just not that kind of runner. She definitely loves to run in quick bursts catching Frisbees and fetching balls. I was just told and was hoping she would also be a great running companion. I hate running alone after having my other dog run with me for so long.

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