Are Aussie's More Prone To Seizures Than Other Breeds?

by Bob
(Temecula, CA)

I have an Aussie that is 2 years old and just in the past month has had 5 seizures. He has been to the Vet and is on phenobarbital twice a day.

What to do about these meds? A new diet?

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by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear about this for you and your pup. Unfortunately, epilepsy is one of the issues Aussie have(not all, depends on the breeder)but I will be honest, I believe many.
Still, it all depends on what has caused the seizures. if its not from a trama(hit their head)or an allergic reaction to something(vacination)then chances are it could be inbreeding(which is something that can happen with all breeds). I don't know what you are feeding him, but if its not natural or holistic throw it out. do some H.W. on best foods for your dog(for ex: no grains, no wheat, NO MEAT BY PRODUCTS, etc.,); 2ndly, find a holistic vet if possible, and get him a liver cleanse and supplements, if you can't do that, then go to a health store and at least get him some liver tablets. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! EVERYTHING GOES THROUGH THE LIVER, ITS ESSENTIAL TO KEEP IT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY. I FOOUND THIS ALL OUT WHEN MY BOY TURNED 2, HE TOO CAME DOWN WITH SEIZURES, IT TOOK ME YEARS TO LEARN WHAT I'm telling you. We were able to help him, and got him off those meds(which by the way cause more damge to his liver, and they will have to up his meds in time, shich also make him thristy, and have to pee alot, plus get a Urinary tract infection); anyway, our boy lived to be 5, he had less and less seizures, but the last one he had were a cluster, and he went into a coma. why? sadlly, I didn't fully understand at the time, and as he showed signs of getting better, I reduced his natural liver meds, thinking I was doig a good thing(savng us some money, we have two other dogs as wel)and I was very, vwry wrong. Please, for your dogs, and for yourself, this is a terrible disease, that takes it toll on everyone. Make sure he's on good healthy food, get him the liver tablets, and if possible find a holistic vet that will help you wean him off the meds.
best to you and your boy. God bless

Seizures and Aussies
by: Anne

Unfortunately aussies in some lines do have seizures and it usually shows up between 2 - 4 years of age.
There is a Foundation that does research and needs affected and unaffected Aussies.
Please help find a genetic marker for thios horrible disease.
Toby's Foundation
I am so sorry to hear this about your aussie. This type of epilepsy is inherited.
Hope that site helps you with some of your questions.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Anonymous

What would you do if you knew a person trying to breed sister/brother aussie? I visited my aussies breeder a few years after I got mine and that is what he is trying to do... makes me sick. Who can I report this to? So far my aussie is ok, only one episode and the vet thought it was an allergic reaction to a bee sting.


I had a lady tell me before that her dog was having at least 5 seizures a week and the meds & food was not working for him. I told her to try Blue Buffalo Dog food & the next time I saw her was about 2 month later. To hear her tell me that in the time she put her dog on Blue Buffalo the seizures dropped from 5 a week to about 3 in a 6 week period. I was very happy to hear her results with the seizures & the food. Also Vets in certain states are not required by law to learn nutrition (as I was told) I NO LONGER WORK FOR BLUE BUFFALO OR ANY OF IT AFFILIATES. So maybe try switching the food it may help a great deal & your dog will get one of the best foods out there :)

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