Are Australian Shepards Afraid Of Water?

by Sherry

My dog is an Australian Shepard and he's afraid of water terribly. Do you have any reasons why?

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Aussie afraid of water
by: Maria

I have 2 Aussies, sisters, almost 2 years old now. One of them loves the water.... She will jump in, fetch a ball or whatever and swim right back.... Her sister, is not at all like that. She will get in with a little encouragement to about where her feet leave the bottom...then starts looking to turn around. I am working with her to gradually get her to go deeper and to actually swim. Why this happens...I have no idea, especially when two, raised exactly the same with same experiences are so different.
It would just be their different personalities. One is afraid of thunder and lightning, loud sounds like that....the other doesn't seem to be bothered by them. Good luck with your Aussie!

water dog in the making
by: yusaf

One thing that works to relieve some of my pups fear of the ocean is following another dog in. if you have a friend with a water dog have your dog play with it and chase it into the water

Afraid of water
by: Anne

Some Aussies like it and some don't. Just like some people like broccoli and some don't.
Each individual dog is different.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Water dogs
by: Anonymous

We have an Australian Shepherd and he loves water! When we open the gate to the pool he jumps in before we can stop him😂. So I agree, it’s just like people, they have things they like and don’t like👌🏻

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