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Are There Any Dog Puzzle Toys Recommended For Australian Shepherds?

Are there any puzzle toys that are recommended for Australian Shepherds? I make sure my Aussie gets at least an hour of exercise daily but he still seems restless because I don't think I am challenging his brain enough.

There are so many different kinds and I really don't want to waste money on toys that he would be disinterested in. Any suggestions from fellow Aussie owners is much appreciated!

Note from Anton: There is an article here that might help:
Keep Your Dog Thinking With Ingenious Dog Puzzles

Comments for Are There Any Dog Puzzle Toys Recommended For Australian Shepherds?

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All of them :-)
by: Valerie

It's going to depend on your dog. My dog is gentle with her toys so I don't have to worry about her destroying them. Some dogs like the challenge and some will just destroy the toy.

My dog likes ones that she can bounce food out (vs rolling or flipping or sliding things around) She doesn't like stationary toys like the wood puzzles that slide to get treats out.

Kong Mike, Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom, Planet Dog Snoop (not really for kibble but bigger treats), Pet Zone IQ Ball are probably the ones I use the most.

It also depends on if you have hard floors or carpet on what's better (or how much noise you can stand or possibility of breaking)

I also take Kongs, JW Megalast Ball or Kong Critters and stuff them with canned dog food and freeze them. Takes the dog longer to get it out frozen. (Cut the tip off a freezer bag and fill the bag with food. Then squeeze the bag to fill the little pockets. Much like a pastry chef.)

Just guessing but I probably have 40 or more...some in duplicate (for upstairs and downstairs) or for freezing food in.

My dog never just eats food. It's always in a toy.

My Toy Aussie’s Favorite Toy
by: Linda Silver

My husband and I recently adopted a 6 year old female Toy Australian Shepherd from a breeder. She didn’t really enjoy playing with toys until I bought her this one from Amazon. She loves hunting for treats in this puzzle.

Mind games
by: Wilson

I have a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin they fill with toys. I love digging, nudging, rolling, and nosing the toys out. When I'm done I carry it in the air and do laps with it.

I also adore when they put a toy in a towel or my blanket. They hide a toy inside and tie it in knots, two or three. I dig, nudge, tug, and toss it high in the air!

I prefer these to the treat mind games.

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