Are These Australian Shepherd Puppies Normal?

by Angel

Hello, everyone! I am interested in buying an Aussie pup and I found a breeder that has a litter ready to go to their new homes. The mom is a blue merle and the dad is a liver (I think). All of the puppies from the litter (10 puppies) are blue merles and most of them have blue eyes.

I am specifically interested in a male, so she sent me photos of the 5 boys. The breeder said that a couple of the boys are small, while some are "like tanks". I was wondering if all of this sounds normal. Thank you all so much!

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by: Anonymous

Her description is vague. did you you find the breeder? Ask her specific questions like are both parents AKC registered, who owns the parents, what their sizes are, are they show dogs? Agility? Etc? Also ask if the bitch has had other litters and what those dogs sizes are. I'd recommend visiting as well if possible so you can get a feel for the dogs temperaments. You will also want references.

not a good breeder
by: Anonymous

The correct term for liver in aussies is red. Doesnt sound like a reputable breeder if they are allowing you to pick your own puppy.

Be Wary of Breeders
by: Linda McMullen

I got my girl from a reputable breeder, would only breed the female for 2 years and socialized the pups early, ask how many litters the dame has had. You don't want one from a puppy mill, you will end up with a lot of problems.

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