Arthritic Hands Causing Problem With Pup

by Doc

I am a 75 year old man who is helping care for a 3-month old female Australian Shepherd. When I want to walk her, she struggles when I try to attach a leash to her collar.

With my stiff hands, it is very hard for me to fasten the leash to the collar, and the slower I am the more agitated she becomes.

Are there collars that have easier fasteners than the typical ones? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated!

Sincerely, Doc

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easy leash hookup
by: Roy and Dusty

I have seen some light weight but strong carabiner type snaps at our local hardware. They have a relatively large "loop" and a long "tongue" this design should make them easier to easily attach to you pup's collar... If the loop on the collar is small you could add a Key ring type larger loop to make that easier to attach to. good luck and Happy Holidays.

Collar ideas
by: Anonymous

There are many things you could do. One is, attach the leash to the collar before you put it on the pup, the collar clasp is easier to do. Or use a martingale collar that you just slip over the dogs head, with leash attached beforehand. Or try using a few small treats on the floor to distract pup while you put it on. Later the pup can be taught to sit quietly while the leash goes on.

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