At What Age Does A Female Get Her Full Size And Weight?

by Jerry
(Manhattan Il)

We are going to get a 16 mth old Aussie female. She weighs about 30 pounds now. At what age will she reach her max size?

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full size
by: Anonymous

6 months ago.

My two year old mini Aussie is 16" at the shoulder and weighs 30 lbs.

Female weight
by: Anonymous

About 1 year... so she is full grown. A small one. Mine weighs 53 lbs.

Aussie full size
by: Anne

Aussies, depending on their pedigree, mature at different rates. Some are fully mature, mentally and physically at 2 years, some are mature at 3 years. It just depends on your aussie's genetics.
Good luck with your girl and enjoy her.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

She should be at her full grown height now, but may put on a few pounds as she fills out. Aussie usually reach their full height at 7-8 months.

Big merle girl
by: Rick from AL

My Roonah's 22-3" tall and 52lbs at 10 months old. Big girl. I've had several aussies, and lucky to always get calm ones... until Roonah. My others were blessings. Sweet and attentive. Roonah's just now showing minor glimpses of self control. But these first 10 months have been pure misery. Biting/nipping, destructive, barking/growling when disciplined. She's not mean, just doesn't have the normal boundaries. I got her at 6 weeks and I think that's the problem. My others I got at 9-10 weeks. BEG YOUR BREEDER TO KEEP PUPPIES WITH THEIR LITTERMATES UNTIL 9 WEEKS. I'm convinced it makes a world of difference!!!!

Mini puppy to adult
by: Anonymous

My little girl is 10 months old and weighs about 21 lbs. Was wondering if that is the correct weight for that age? She is 24 inches long and 19 inches height.

A big mini aussi
by: Bill & Karen

Our Sassy is 14 months old and is 21.5" at the shoulder. She weighs in at about 47.6 pounds. I think it must be the raw food diet we have her on.

I have a female Aussie that is 18 at withers and 30 lbs is this a standard size?
by: Delores

I have a female aussie that is 18 at withers and 30 lbs is this a standard size?

My girl is Huuuuuge!
by: Anonymous

My black tri girl is big like her mom. Her mom is the size of a large male at 65 plus pounds and 23 inches. My little Breeze is 6.5 months and already at 45lbs. She’s tall and has beautiful structure and musculature. Not overweight at all. I myself was wondering when she’d reach full adult size. She recently starting scaling back on her food consumption, so I have been giving her about 1/2 cups less per day.

watch your dogs weight
by: Anonymous

She most likely has reached maturity. An Aussie should really weigh more than 40 lbs.

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