At What Age Will My Australian Shepherd Puppy Stop Growing?

by Carol

At what age will my Aussie puppy stop growing?

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by: ken s

Well Since we had are 1st aussie, a red merle like yours, I would say possibly a year year and 1/2 we had the most beutiful aussie, and she was s smart.... She was are first puppy we had..

If you look up the story are shelby shells you can see what we went thru..

She will always be the best

Surprise Growth
by: Anonymous

We have a tri color, Lulu, who is 4 1/2 years old. Between 2-3 years, we didn't see a lot of change regarding her physical size. All of a sudden between 3-4, she seemed to physically mature. She gained about 5 more pounds. She's at 48# and not fat but solid and strong! Her fur also changed; grew in fuller and the hair on her forelegs grew. Her breeder had predicted she would weigh about 45#. Dam was under 50#, sire was close to 70#.

Nice looking pup!
by: Anonymous

We have 2 from the same litter, there's a pic of Jack & Piper on this site. They are 11 months old. Jack was largest in the entire litter and Piper was largest female. We picked them for personality & compatibility with our family, the size didn't make any difference to us. Jack is already 71 lbs and Piper is smaller at 43. Our vet said they are not fat, they are muscular, he thought Piper would stay about where she is since she's in agility and Jack may put on another 5 - 8 lbs as he matures. He said, like children, they all develop differently. Dominant pups eat more and grow faster. They've lived up to that. Jack is still my lap dog, I just have to recline all the way in the chair, and then I only last about 20 minutes into his nap before I'm overheated and squished by his weight & make him get off!

Our just reached 4 years old, has still been growing.
by: Anonymous

We have a tri-color Aussie, Koda. He just reached 4 years old. In the last years he gained 10# and has grown a couple more inches tall. He is not fat, eats a grain free, salmon or bison based food. He weighed in at 91.6 lbs. on his vet visit last weekend. He acts like he's finally starting to mature, but still has great puppy bounce and energy. He is a very sweet tempered dog but also sensibly protective.

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