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Attention Hound

by Charles
(Sullivan, ME)

It's been awhile since we shared a picture of Dundee. Here he is in all his attention grabbing glory. Whenever he feels like we aren't paying enough attention to him, he darts into the closet and grabs one of my wife's shoes. He never chews them, he just runs through the house in the inevitable "catch me if you can" game.

After almost four years, he still cracks me up in a big way every day.

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Hudson my 90 lb male
by: AnonymousKathy

Hudson is 4 years old a red Merle whom is so handsome. He plays hide and seek. I ask him to sit and stay, I hide and say ready! He finds me every time. I also have never met another aussie with so much hair. He is like a bear. Why do some Aussies have a lot and others not?

My 'ol buddy "Oreo"
by: JoAnne

Just found this site and glad of it. We recently lost our best buddy "Oreo" a 13 year old black Tri who was the love of our life. One of my favorite memories was making a sweet potato pie with coconut crumb topping. Oreo was beside me during the roasting of the sweet potatoes, licking the spoon after it was all put together, watching everything I was doing. I pulled the pie out of the oven and let it cool but he never left the kitchen, patiently waiting for his piece. I cut a slice and set it down on the coffee table when the phone rang.. he had never once taken anything off the table but helping me and waiting so long for a piece was just too much. I had to pop around the corner for a split second to pick up the phone, and in that instance, when my head was turned, he grabbed the entire piece off my plate and began to scram across the livingroom into the hallway... Unfortunately, he was looking back at me while taking off with his prize and walked right into the wall ! It was hilarious... he just knew he had done a bad deed with instant reprecussions but so worth the risk. Sure miss my boy.

by: kate& bindi

hi just got to reading my e-mails. i have a 3yr red merle her name is Bindi aka crimmaual my trainer's name for her. she's so smart and she makes me laugh. she likes to help me walk my 2 legs and her 4 legs. i love her. she is also a therapy dog, we go twice a month to a the nursing home., the people there love her. she makes there day a little brighter. god bless aussies

by: Charles

Dundee was a chewer when he was a puppy. You have to draw the line and be firm and consistent because Aussies are very strong willed. Dundee grew out of it.

One thing he was drawn to were the buttons on my shirts (or the plastic devices used to tighten the fit of jackets). I have many garments that he chewed only those off, not damaging the cloth at all. One time I put a shirt on in the dark and thought it was inside out (because none of the buttons were there). When I finally figured it out, I discovered he had chewed every single button off the shirt, including the spares they sew on and the buttons on the collar. He only chewed mine, not my wife's.

It just makes me wonder what he thinks about at those moments.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

I also had a Dundee who was very similar. Aussies in general are very close to their people. Our Dundee would go in my daughter's room and grab her My Little Ponies and run through the house! He also made up his own games. Great memories. Thanks.

So what am I doing wrong?
by: Anonymous

My little Aussie (5 months) IS CHEWING my shoes, and my purse, and my socks, and my clothes...if it hits the floor-he is off with it and it's all torn up before I can get it back! He even ate a necklace (that has been missing for years-I have no idea where he found it)

Re: Attention Hound
by: Kym

He certainly is beautiful! And yes, aussies definatly are clowns that love to make us smile!

I Also Have an Attentinon Hound
by: Jean

I read your comment and starting laughing because my Tucker does the exact same thing! When I am not paying attention to him, he will grab one of my shoes and peak his head around the corner as if saying "look at me". He also does this when I have company and makes funny little throat noises to get our attention. I used to get upset when he did this because I thought he would ruin them but besides a few indentations from his teeth, my shoes are unharmed. There are some days that I am running around the house trying to find my "other shoe" but I have just learned to give myself a bit more time when getting ready in the morning ^_^

My dog does this too!
by: Kathy

It's just amazing what breed characteristics these dogs share.

My girl, Kylie, will grab something off the coffee table, like a pair of glasses or a pen, and make sure we see her with it. Like Dundee, she will not chew the item, but seems to be saying 'I could tear this to shreds if I wanted to' with a smile on her face.

This is the best site for sharing these wonderful anecdotes - thanks for posting yours!

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