Aussie Afraid To Go Out In Our Yard

A few weeks ago, our Aussie suddenly became frightened of our backyard; we don't know what scared her. We started taking her to the front yard, but now she is afraid to go there. We have to take her for a walk to get her to do her business. Has anyone ever encountered this? If so, what did you do to correct it? But the way, we also have a Cocker Spaniel who doesn't have any problem with either yard.

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Aussie afraid to go out in yard
by: Anonymous

Maybe your Aussie encountered a snake or something in the yard, and that's why she doesn't want to go out there. Do you go out with her when she has to go? Maybe if you just walk around your backyard she will follow you. She also might have gotten stung by a bee or ground bees and that's why she's leery of both yards and prefers walking to do her business!!

could be a noise you don't hear.
by: Anonymous

From the description I don't know if this will help but our Aussie is deathly afraid of the beep beep and vibrating sound my insulin pump makes sometimes. It may be some sound that you don't hear ?

Energy fields
by: Suzanne

We've had Aussies for over 20 years. They are very sensitive and in tune to energy changes. Perhaps you've developed a vortex on your property which is what happened to us. Contact Addie Strasser ... Our Red Merle one day would not come in. She was being pulled to this one area of our yard. And this was our cuddle lap dog (yes I know 55 lbs of cuddle lap dog). As soon as Addie cleared our yard we had Sara back.

Good Luck. ...remember they are extremely smart dogs and have extreme awareness.

Stinging Insects
by: Malinda

Although our Aussie isn't afraid to go out to the yard, for the longest time he wouldn't go near the one flower garden. Around the same time he started freaking out everytime he saw a flying bug. Well we found a bee's nest in the flower garden inside the paver wall. Thinking he got stung as he now runs for cover when he notices a flying insect, even in the house. Might be your dog got stung but didn't have an exact place like a flower garden so the backyard is a scarey place now??

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