Aussie and Border Collies?

by Nancy
(Seattle, WA)

Recently I added a 3 1/2 month Aussie female and 3 1/2 month Border Collie female to my home. I have had them 2 weeks. The Aussie is very easy going, mellow and has a sensitive sweet personality. The Border Collie is very playful, high strung and somewhat nippy and aggressive over food bowls and toys. She seems to be trying to be the alpha. The Aussie seems upset when I discipline the Border Collie's behavior. Yesterday I made a mistake and tossed some food to the Border Collie. The Aussie who just had some came over sniffing around the Border Collie and the Border Collie reacted very aggressive, she didn't hurt the Aussie but it was nerve racking to say the least.

Can this work or should I try to find the Border Collie a new home? Will the Border Collie ruin the sweet nature of the Aussie or traumatize the Aussie?

Also, the Aussie seems to have a bladder issue? She leaks when excited around the house. Will she outgrow this or is there anything I can do?



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by: Anonymous

First off for the food bowl, you need to let the collie know you're alpha. You do this by making her wait for the food and only taking it when you say. Put a leash on her when she eats. 1 or 2 times through the meal pull her away pick the bowl up give her a couple of minutes and give her a command like down to earn her food. If when you take the food or the aussie gets near and the collie reacts give a quick leash pop by snapping your wrist upwards. Then take the food and make her earn it again.

There is no reason to get rid of the dog. The behavior can be corrected you just have to be willing to do the work. I'd say get them into a training class and ask lots of questions. Both dogs love to please and need to work, training is work to them. Again it's all about the time you invest.

by: Gayle

This is the time to bring the crate into the picture. I would feed both pups in their crates. They desperately need training RIGHT NOW. Having 2 pups at the same time is a challenge. They need to be trained separately. You can feed your BC by hand in your lap to show that the food comes from you. Now is the time to learn "leave it" and sits and downs. If the BC is showing signs of food and toy guarding, don't give him those toys. They are yours. He cannot play with them. I had to take rawhides from my dogs for a while because of that same problem. If the pup can't play by your rules, he does not play at all. I don't believe in "leash pops" at all, especially on puppies. Your pups should learn "watch me" where he looks at your face for guidance and them receives a treat from your hand, not thrown on the floor. Good luck! Check out clicker training. It's fun for all.

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