Aussie And The Invisible Fence

by Angela
(St. Louis, MO)

KELLY - Loves riding to starbucks: does not actually drink coffee.

KELLY - Loves riding to starbucks: does not actually drink coffee.

We have a 2.5 year old Aussie rescue female. She is smart as a whip. While staying at my parents house for a long weekend she learned the invisible fence and did very well with it. So we installed one at our house. We left the rubber cover on the probes, showed her the boundaries for a few days and then let her go. She did well for a few weeks. Then the squirrels started gather food for the winter. She couldn't help herself, she'd bolt out of the yard in pursuit.

In doing this she realized that at lightning speed there is no fence. In human speak this means she ran too fast through the boundary area to receive the warning or the shock. So began the everyday chasing her through the neighborhood drama. (She does not come when called and loves the catch-me-if-you-can game.)

Has anyone had any luck with invisible fences and is there hope of retraining after these ridiculously smart dogs have learned this little trick? We've been walking her on a lead in the yard all winter, and the lack of run time is really starting to show in her behavior, but we don't want to walk her out of the yard for fear of reinforcing the "flexibility" of her boundaries.

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by: Suzan

You can re-train her, by taking her back to the basics. The key will make the training more rewarding than the chasing the squirrels. I don't know if you ever tried taking her through herding classes. These classes will allow her to chase but with boundaries.

Wireless fencing
by: Kat Rose

I too have the wireless fence and am happy with it. I put it on the 3rd level. The first being the warning sound. I only seem to have the problem when his girlfriend comes to play, if she is in sight he will dash right through it as well.
Luckily he does come right back home. You may need to move it up a notch and let him experience the stronger shock. Be out there with him so when he does dash out you can call him back. I believe you should keep an eye on him when he is out since there is always that chance. Good luck!

Call the Fence company
by: Anonymous

Our dog used to run fast enough to "beat the shock" also. I called the fence company and they reset the fence to give the warning sound sooner and the shock was of longer duration. We have not had a problem since...good luck!

Inv Fence
by: Maureen

I have two Aussies and an Invisible Fence and have had no trouble at all. I knew it was effective the day several deer came through the yard and the dogs chased them right up to where the invisible fence was and then they both came to a screeching stop. My older Aussie won't even walk over the area of the driveway where the fence line is. When I take him for walks I have to lift him up and carry him for 10 feet over the invisible fence line and then put him down again. I would call your fence guy and ask him for some advice as I am sure he deals with issues like that all the time. I would bet your dog can be retrained. Good luck.

Best Underground Fence
by: Jessica Ruppe

I have a 3 and a half year old that as bad as I hate to, am going to have to fence her in. She just won't stay home and is upsetting the "momma cows" and causing the babies to stray from them. She doesn't mean harm she just likes to play with them. She's never been trained to properly run cattle...that would be my own fault. Any advice on the best underground fence would be very appreciated.

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