Aussie and Yellow Lab Hybrid?

by mountainmama
(Boulder Co)

Hello, Our neighbor has a litter of puppies who come from a pure breed Aussie and a pure breed Yellow Lab. Does anyone have experience on how these dogs develop: size, temperament, color etc? We are looking at a few of them both boys and girls and are curious to know more about how they may turn out. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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by: Anonymous

I've had two Lab Aussie mixes. I think it's a nice cross (not that people need to be breeding mixed breeds or purebreds for that matter... there are enough homeless dogs already) But as a mix I got two nice dogs. One was much more hyper like his dad than the other. A lot really depends on the PARENTS, personalities. They DO shed a lot worse than Aussies. Mine were both short haired Merles. Good luck.

Becky T
by: Anonymous

I have had both breeds but not a mix. They were wonderful and ultra smart.. They are both uber active. but you know that going in. Both breeds love to play, play , play.. We have had 2 sets of 2 aussies now.. They are great friends and they love each other and us too. They need a nice yard to run in and good brushings. I don't think you can pick better breeds!!! We laugh and say they are each others chew toy but seldom hurt each other and then accidently. If 1 yips the other stops and they bump noses. Amazing

by: Pamela

I have a half lab half Aussie and she has a wonderful temperament. Very loyal and very affectionate.
She looks much more like the lab and is a red Merle with a short hair coat but has many traits of both breeds. I think each dog is an individual with personality so go off of the way the dog interacts with you and make sure you research both breeds; they may end up with all the traits of both or sometimes just one!

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