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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

Aussie Anxiety

by amy

My vet thinks it would be a good idea to put my 2 1/2 yr. female Aussie on Zanax to help with her anxiety. I believe there has got to be a drug free option. Any thoughts?

Note from Anton: PetCalm Formula for Anxious and Stressed Pets is available at PetAlive.

Comments for Aussie Anxiety

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Re: Anxiety
by: Anonymous

I FEEL FOR YOU!! One of my former aussies(rest her soul) DEFINATLY had some anxiety issues!! She would jump out of 2nd story windows, chew locks off of my storm windows, eat my kennels, just for an idea...I could go on for DAYS!!LOL! (I still loved her) There are several alternatives to anxiety without STARTING with drugs. There are many different supplements to try first. You can also try phermone sprays that you can spray in your house or different areas that affect him the most. There are also ones that fit on a collar. Just remember, it also takes work to change a behavior. Different routines, excersise schedules, etc. It of course will vary from dog to dog. My dog did ok and little by little the 'treatments' etc. got increased more and more. My dog was VERY extreme and to be honest with you, not much helped her. I dealt with her issues because I loved her, not like I didnt want to kill her sometimes(figure of speech) but I knew she was too extreme for anyone else to understand her...GOOD LUCK!

there is
by: Anonymous

yes, go to a health store, and get "rescue remedy" there is always an alternative; there on books on treating your pets naturalling, you can get there at the health store as well, or goggle it. best wishes

by: Anonymous

Check the foof first. make sure its good qulaity, and possibly grain free(causes alot of allergies, which can trigger anxiety) and/or hypoallergengic food if possible. give him plenty of excercise, and whe all else fails, there ae natural alternstive at the healthstore, or see a holistic vet/behaviouist.
best to you

All she needs is exercise
by: Anonymoos

Aussies develop anxiety when they are not active enough. So many people get Aussies without realizing how much activity they need for their mental and physical health. Your Aussie just needs more activity, not drugs to cover up the problem.

At minimum for our Aussies we walk/run with them, play fetch, run around the park, etc.. 3 or 4 times at least throughout the day (around our work schedules) and then way more on the weekends. These dogs were bred to run around all day and not sit around the house like a stuffed animal, otherwise they develop mental problems.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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