Aussie Behavior

by Lisa
(Woodbury, NJ)

I have a 2 year old Aussie named Xena. She is always nipping at people! If people come in my house, even people that have been in my home before. She also does it at times when we are outside the home. She doesn't appear to be trying to hurt them, in fact she loves getting attention from them. It's getting out of hand because even though she isn't trying to hurt someone, she may and that's not a good thing. I've tried all different kinds of methods, like the treat method, distracting her, having people acknowledge her first for a few minutes when entering my home, etc... Nothing seems to calm her behavior, she continues to nip and jump on people the whole time they are at my house. I even have had to put her on a leash while we had visitors.

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Aussie Behavior
by: Anne Calmes

She obviously has a lot of herding instinct.She is a herding dog..that's what they do is herd.
She needs more exercise and try to find someone local that offers herding lessons and then let her go have some fun.
Have you taken her to a basic obedience classes?
This will help you control the behavior in the house.
Need any more information just ask.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

by: Anonymous

Is she getting enough exercise? This looks as if she has too much energy and does not know other way to let it out. Also you have to ALWAYS ignore her when she does it.

try the opposite
by: Anonymous

I think the expert say to do the opposite; NOT to give him first attention, rather to "turn your back" til he stops, pick your knee up to block him, when he jumps up. when he gets the message, and he will, then you reward him with praise, a touch and or a treat. hope this helps

struggles with my male Aussie
by: Anonymous

I have a 1.5 yr old male...who has been fixed (recently) who was doing the same..jumping, nipping, barking at anyone that entered our house. I didn't think he would hurt anybody...he did. Last week he bit a little boy...I have lost trust in my dog.
I am going to try everything and anything to help him remain in our home. Which from everything I have read includes a lot of I just have to solve the problem of him ripping my arm out of the socket when we walk...
I have tried the gentle leader...he can get it off. Any ideas?

aussie behavior
by: Anonymous

Try halti, it is a much better option. Gentle leader always punishes the dog, halti on the other hand, just punishes when it pulls. Also check if it is the right size, this is very important. It can?t be loose.
This breed is very energetic. There are a lot of things you can do with them. They really like puzzles that they can solve. Remember that they are working dogs and very intelligent. If they don?t get enough exercise (body and mind) they really get frustrated and that is why they behave badly. Also, never hesitate with them. You really have to be strong and never let them get away with something you don?t want them to do. They will love you for that. They are like small children looking for guidance.

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