Aussie Bites Mailman

by Emily
(Dayton, OH)

My 21/2 year old male Aussie has nipped at several children, but has not hurt them, but the other day my husband let him out of the truck while the mail man was on the porch. Well, The dog bit him! What do we do now?? My husband thinks we should put him down, but I just can't do that. What can I do so he doesn't hurt anyone else?

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Aussie Bites Mailman
by: Anonymous

Please, please don't put him down. Aussies are very protective of their own and he probably attacked the mail man because of that. Search for professional help. I know some people don?t believe in Cesar Millan, but I have seen his work and it is great! Please send him an e-mail, ( I?m sure that he can help or search for another professionals help, it doesn?t hurt and it might save this part of your family. If you don?t get an answer, try to give him in adoption, I?m sure someone will reply.

Aussie Bites Mailman
by: Anonymous

Training !!!!! Is this the first time he has seen the mailman? Or the first time he has been aggressive to the mailman? Did the bite break the skin? Were you able to call him off? Has he been to obedience training?

I cannot even think about you putting your dog down without first going through some training. A good dog trainer can help you determine why this happened and what to do about it. Your dog may have felt the need to protect you. If you have not trained him to respond to your "leave it" for these types of situations, he wouldn't know what else to do.

Please get some training before even thinking about putting your dog down.

Training Essential for Aussies
by: Anton

Yes, I have to agree with the other comments. Training is absolutely essential for Australian Shepherds. (Well, for all dogs of course.) Whenever there are behavior problems with dogs the most common problem is lack of training. Your dog needs to look to you for guidance in those situations rather than deciding for himself that the mailman (or kid next door) needs to be attacked. Pick a dog training program or contact a trainer in your area and get started ASAP.

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