Aussie Coat?

I found a 4 month old Aussie to adopt. He is mostly white blue merle with blue eyes. The picture she sent me he has really short almost wiry hair. Is this just the awkward teenager stage? Will his coat grow out silky smooth like most Aussies? Not that I'd be deterred if he was a mix breed. I'd just want to know.

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mostly white blue merle

You might want to post that photo for the folks who read this website to see. The fact that you describe the pup as "mostly white" makes me wonder if pup is a "double merle", the offspring of both a merle mom and a merle dad. If so, there is the potential for hearing and vision problems as a result of having two copies of the merle gene. These can also be very sweet dogs, but it is only fair to be aware of it. I probably cannot tell, but some of the Aussie expert people who read this might be able to tell from the photo.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Most Aussies lose their full puppy coat at about 4 months and look like they will have a smooth coat, but eventually it grows back in. Can't say this is the case with this pup, but it probably is. Did you see the parents? What the parents' coats are like is an indicator of what the pups coat will be like.

Aussie Coat?
by: Anne

Please post a picture, so we can give you advice about it. Hard to know by description.

by: Anonymous

How would I go about posting a pic on here?

Note from Anton: If you are just creating a submission you can add up to 4 photos at that time. When you create your submission you will see in the form where it lets you browse your computer for the picture(s) you want to upload.

But if you have already had your page added and want to add a photo later you will have to email me and just add the photo to the email as an attachment. You can email me at anton(at) Be sure to tell me the name of your page. The best would be if you also send me the link to your page so I can easily match up your photo to your page.

Same problem with my pup ( 7 months old )
by: Kris

Wondering the same for mine. I want to say mine is mixed with another shepherd her fur feels wirey and I use gentle oatmeal shampoo to help but it only helps a bit. She's like a Merle color but others say she has brendal markings. Sadly I can't post a pic it doesn't give me that option

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