Aussie Flu?

by Meg

My family just went through a round of a summer cold and this morning our 6 month old Aussie had two loose stools and even vomited a little bit of stomach acid. Shes napping like she does around this time everyday. Ive been keeping an eye on her. She still wanted to play a little while ago but I kept it minimum, I didn't want to upset her stomach any more. She drank a little and kept it down but she still isn't seeming to want to eat. It's really hot today and I'm wondering if that may be stressing her a bit. I just want to know if this is serious enough to rush her off to the vet or not. Any comments and help would be much appreciated.

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poor baby
by: Anonymous

I would keep an eye on her, NOT give her food for at least a day, but DO give her all the water she wants. I hope you have airconditioning, if you do, keep it comfortable at least, so she's not hot. A Little vomit, wouldn't send her to the vet, but if it continues, if she gets worse, wouldn't hurt, to be on the safe side, but its probably just the heat. keep us posted. best to you and your family.

Sick Aussie
by: Anne

Keep an eye on your aussie. Make sure it drinks enough, with the heat.
Feed very little or try some cheese or pepto.
If you get really concerned...take her to the vet

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Thank you!
by: Megan

Yup as the day continued and eventually cooled off she started to act more and more normal. Plus she didnt have any more issues with vomiting or going #2. We dont have Air conditioning but I made her as comfortable as possible. lots of cool water and I stayed with her in the coolest part of the house with her own fan.


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