Aussie Fur

by Cathy

At what age does the fur lengthen on an Aussie? Are there short haired versions of this breed?

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Aussie fur
by: Anonymous

It took a good 1 year before my female blue merle aussie's hair got long, however, some aussie's hair does not get long.

by: Maureen

We have two Aussies...the oldest is a Black Tri whose hair seemed to grow along with his size. Our younger one is a blue-merle who for some reason had short hair for a long time..My husband kept worrying that it would never grow. Now he is just over a year old and is one giant ball of fluff..with far more hair then the older one. So not sure what is "normal" but that is our experience.

fur touch
by: Anonymous

Does the fur stay as soft and fluffy as it is when they are puppies ?

Aussie fur
by: CosmoMomma

My 6 month red merle Aussie's fur is starting to change from the soft fluffy puppy fur and getting a bit more coarse mostly just on the ridge of his back however, the length isn't changing and is still pretty short. My friends 8 month black merle Aussie had a long full coat by 5-6 months so I wouldn't say theres any standard for when the hair really changes.

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