Aussie Games :-)

by jcrply

Aussies will sometimes make up "games". My 6-month old has made one that is kind of cute but also a bit annoying. She likes to get a toy or rope or ball or anything and carry it behind me while I'm walking and constantly poke my leg with the toy. Not just for a few steps but for long distances in the house. I haven't figured out how to communicate to her what it is that she is doing that is not exactly a lot of fun for me. I play with her a lot, so she is not starved for attention, she just enjoys doing this occasionally.

(She also likes sometimes to chew her toys on my leg when I am sitting down. This is a bit scary since she has on two occasions pinched a little skin when doing this. This one I can control – but how to deal with the poking of the back of my legs while walking I do not know.)

Any ideas??

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Aussie games
by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

2 of my boys used to do the same thing. The 1st Aussie I had would run up behind me and bump my knee so that I would almost fall down. The other one ended up knocking me down the deck stairs. Not fun. Somehow you need to get her in front of you. It's a good time to train "front". Have a treat in your hand and lure her to your front. She's smart and she should learn this quickly.

My 16 month old plays fetch games by herself and runs the entire length of our family room/ kitchen at 100 MPH back and forth. My Dundee would have a toy in his mouth and circle the house outside running at full speed in a game we called "sheepdog". They are certainly dogs with a sense of humor.

Turn it into a Game
by: Anonymous

It sounds cute, but I see your point. Try turning around quickly when she does this, and chasing her going, "I"m gonna get you!" my Aussie loves to play this game, especially with the kids. If you have been doing this game for a while and want to stop, it often works to just sit down on a couch or on the floor and say calmly, "All done." and just ignore any more efforts from your pup to keep the game going. Good luck!

by: Anonymous

My aussy does the same thing she follows me around poking me with her bones I just stop and she turns around in front of me like hey what are you doing. But she stops and walks away she also will jumps up while im sitting and insist on chewing her toys on top of me she always props herself up when she chews whether its me or the pillow

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