Aussie Grin Reactions

by jcrply

My pup does the delightful "AUSSIE GRIN". If you have seen one, you know what I mean. If you have not, it is difficult to explain. She gives the grin as a happy greeting to people and other pups and dogs. To those of you who have one of the rare Aussies who grins, have you ever seen another dog react to the grin? I can see that it might be possible for a person to misinterpret it as a snarl, but I thought dogs could read body language well enough to know that it isn't. My pup met for the first time a dog on Saturday that has a reputation as a very gentle therapy dog. This dog works in nursing homes and with tiny children, but this dog reacted violently to my pup - pushed through a gate, jumped on her, chased her. My pup wasn't doing anything at all, but I think that she must have given this other dog the Aussie grin. My pup was terrified at the response of this huge dog. It is the first time I have ever seen her scared. Do you think it could have been the grin? The owner of the dog was mortified and kept apologizing. I would really like to hear from anyone who has any thoughts on this. It was a bizarre incident.

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by: Anonymous

I am sorry to hear about the frightening experience of your pup! I too have an aussie and an aussie/border collie mix that both smile. I have never seen a negative reation though.
This now has me wondering about the smile. I do not take my dogs to parks etc but it is very interesting, that it could be taken the wrong way by other dogs/people.
I used to have a 130 lb. german rottie with a HUGE smile. VERY intimidating to those who did not know her.
I hope your pup can recover from her experience and continue to be a happy, well adjusted, smiling pup!! Good luck.

The grin
by: Anonymous

One of my Aussies has the grin but he only does it when he is greeting my husband and I or other people that he knows well. He never does it when greeting or playing with other dogs. It is often hard to figure out what sets off a dog... but puppies usually learn quickly what is or isn't acceptable behavior with other dogs... especially older dogs who will punish bad behavior... so as long as you continue socialize to socialize him he will figure it out.

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