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Aussie Hair

by Jonny

I have never owned an Australian Shepherd before so I am not too familiar with the specifics of them. I just got a female mini with tri coloring and was wondering about the length of her hair. The breeder said that she was going to have shorter hair. I did notice a big difference with her and the other pups. But since then, I have noticed that there are no pictures of Australian Shepherd with short hair. Does an Aussie develop longer hair as they get older? She is only 8 weeks old, but has pretty much a half-inch to an inch length of hair all over. What do you think?

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luxurious coats
by: Nonnie

We have two female Aussies. Their coats were not very long for several months. Around their 5th month, we began to see their coats change.

They now have beautiful, luxurious coats! Hang in there!

Aussie Hair
by: Anonymous

Your puppy is too cute and I'm sure will grow up to be a really nice looking dog.

We have a 9 month old black tri and when she was the same age as yours she had shorter fur but now she has a longer shiny not to worry

Did you meet the parents? What kind of fur did they have? That should give you an idea....

Enjoy puppyhood !!

Aussie Hair
by: Anne

Your Aussie is going to have short hair. Yes, It gets longer as they get older, but at her age she should be a little fluff ball. Did you notice if her parents had short hair?
You can read about the breed standard and the specifics of our breed's hair her at
That should give you more info on the hair.
If you need more information, please e-mail me.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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