Aussie Haircut

by Esther
(Houston, Tx)

We just got our mini Aussie back from the groomer. They did a shave job on him that left his 2 1/2 inch coat down to about 1 inch, including his beautiful collar and floppy ears! We are heartbroken and want to know if his hair will grow back.

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by: wilda

yes, it will. the same thing happened to us a few years back, he looked like a beagle instead of an Aussie, but thankfully it grew back in all its spender. next time just trim Him yourself, or tell them : A TRIM OMLY!

Will your Dog's hair grow back after Grooming
by: Anne Calmes

Yes, don't worry your dog's hair will grow back.
Next time you get him groomed ask them not to touch his body but trim ears and feet and maybe the hair underneath the tail and clip nails.
That is it, ask them not to touch his coat
You have more concerns please contact me at

Aussie Haircut
by: Ranee, Rick and Joker

Just a thought: many groomers will refuse to spend hours pulling and stripping mats out of a dog's coat--it's simply not humane to do so. Most will not call you ahead of time if they didn't note the dog's poor coat condition when he came into the shop. Don't know if this was the case--those deep mats hide from brushes--you need to be able to take a greyhound comb easily and smoothly through the whole coat and all the way down to the skin to avoid matting at least several times a week--and daily if he's running in high grasses.

Our shop would specify a dog in good coat condition as needing only a bath and light trim unless otherwise told to shear him down.

Groomer problems...
by: Anonymous

In our shop, a dog is NEVER shaved unless the owner specifically asks for it. Even in the case of severe matting-a phone call is made to discuss what is best for the dog unless the owner requested a shave-down when dropping off the dog.
Personally, as a professional groomer I choose to refuse to shave ANY Australian Shepherd-unless there is a veterinary reason, and it is prescribed by the vet. Thats just my ethic stance on the shaving issue regarding Australian Shepherds.
Hope this helps, and sorry you had a bad experience with your groomer. I don't know how some of them stay in business!

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