Aussie Has Cracks In Paws

by Nancy
(Seattle, Washington )

I have a 1 and half year old Auss. Her paw pads seem really cracked. Like dry skin. Some on the largest pads and some cracks are on the side of the pads. I've tried vaseline.

Does anyone know why this is happening and a good product to use? It seems like it would hurt but she doesn't limp and even runs fine. My other dog a border collie, same age, doesn't have this problem.

Thanks for any advice. Nancy

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Crackrs in paws
by: Dave&cheryl

Hi after my mother in law passed away, we took her older shepard mix home with us. she always had sore and cracked paws.we thought it was because she had her yard treated. ours is not when summer came her feet got sore again .we had bi red aussie and a English bread blonde lab that was ours they had no trouble with there feet.we had JUDY .our new pet tested for allergies she was allergic to grass GO FIGURE. you can try Chiorhexidine 3% wipes.. get from VET .. also bag balm.over the counter Good luck

Cracked Paws
by: Dave&cheryl

We had a lab that was our Aussie, Gretchen's, best bud. She had allergies which caused cracking feet pads and temporary sores between her toes. Our vet prescribed "DUOXO" (Brand) "Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads". We applied the medicine at least daily and the soreness, bumps and cracks went away. We used the medicine whenever the condition recurred -- typically when there was grass (not winter time). My mother had a rescue that consistently had very sore pads due to application of lawncare products. This worked on her, too. (When she came to live with us, the sores did not recur.) We have also used "Bag Balm" which is universally available at "farm" stores. (That can be used to soothe and soften elbow calluses that bigger dogs often get from rubbing when they lay down.) You might ask your vet about the DUOXO. They are "antiseptic and cleansing cotton pads." Hope this helps.

by: Nancy

Thank you for your all your advice so far, this website is great and I appreciate your responses. I will look in to all that you both have said to me. : )

Paw Treatment
by: Dearborn Dog Walker

I bike my Aussie and we have some pretty harsh winters in michigan. I use Mushers Secret on his paws both in the summer for the hot pavement and the winter to prevent ice buildup. I usually wait until nighttime and when we are sitting on the couch I rub it into his paws and then I can stop him from licking it off before it gets absorbed.

Overly Aggressive Aussie
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie is 5 years old now. We can only walk him when we're sure there's no one around, especially other dogs! He is an Angel at home but whenever there's someone that comes to our house; look out! (has already bitten 3 people!) We've tried just about everything. The shock-collars don't work because he has too much fur and the electric-prongs are too short for his skin. We've tried the steel pinch collars but he doesn't seem to feel any pain when we pull it (or endures the pain!) We bought a highly rated DVD from a dog trainer but those techniques don't work! We also bought "anxiety treatment" meds but those don't work either. We love him to death and certainly would never rid ourselves of him, but geez already! Any suggestions (other than taking him to an expensive Dog Trainer?)

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